Benefits You Get When You Work at SL Controls

Did you know SL Controls has very low levels of staff turnover, particularly in engineering roles? There are lots of reasons for this including the range of clients and diverse technologies that our engineers work on. This makes the work exciting, always interesting, and you get to continuously gain experience and develop new skills.

The company also has an excellent Pathways Programme to help you develop your career in a way that best suits you, plus our salary packages are competitive.

While the above is crucially important, we don’t believe it is enough for engineers working in modern Ireland. That’s why we also have well-established employee benefits covering a range of different areas.

SL Controls Employee Benefits

Below is an overview of the benefits we offer engineers and other employees at SL Controls. Some of the benefits are only available to eligible employees. All the benefits, however, make SL Controls a more rewarding, enjoyable, and satisfying company to work for.

Here are the main benefits we offer to employees:


We provide health insurance cover from a leading provider. This saves money and also gives our employees peace of mind that they will get the care they need, when they need it.

Pension scheme

We help employees plan for their retirement with a pension scheme that we also contribute to.

Income protection

Employees get income protection insurance to cover loss of income due to long-term illness or injury.


Our Employee Assistance Programme helps employees who may be dealing with personal or work-related issues that are impacting their physical health, mental health, or work performance. We provide practical support and other forms of help to employees facing these difficulties.

Health and wellness initiatives

SL Controls runs two health and wellness initiatives. Live Well at SL is a programme that focuses on physical health, while Think Well at SL promotes good mental health. Both initiatives include awareness campaigns, advice, and support. We also have a calendar of activities that all employees are encouraged to take part in.

Full attendance rewards

We like to recognise employee performance in as many ways as possible, including offering full attendance rewards to qualifying employees.


TOTALrewards is a programme that lets employees collect rewards which can then be redeemed for retail, leisure, and travel vouchers. Employees can get rewards for commitment to the company based on years of service, for high performance, and for offering innovative ideas that can improve the business.

Company funded social events

SL Controls organises social and team building events for its employees at various times throughout the year. Some of these are group-wide events while others are for local teams in our various offices – Sligo, Limerick, Dublin, and Galway. The company funds these events, including the annual Christmas party.

Educational assistance

A core principal of SL Controls’ business philosophy (and our HR policy) is to facilitate as much as possible ongoing skills development. We do this in a number of ways, including supporting employees who want to obtain additional skills through further education.

Remote Working

The option of remote working is available to some employees depending on their job role and other criteria.


SL Controls also offers the option of working flexi-time in some circumstances. Like remote working, flexi-time is dependent on the job role and other criteria.

Service-related annual leave

The amount of annual leave days you get increases the longer you are with the company.

Working at SL Controls

To learn more about what it is like to work at SL Controls, you should read the stories of our employees. Each story is short so only takes a couple of minutes to read. At the end, you will have a view from an engineer on the inside. Here’s four to have a look at:

Also, check out our current engineering vacancies – you could be receiving the above SL Controls’ employee benefits sooner than you think!