SL Controls Launches its Workplace Wellbeing Programme of Events for 2018

SL Controls has launched a calendar of workplace wellbeing events for 2018 as part of the Live Well at SL and Think Well at SL programmes.

Live Well at SL is an initiative by the company to promote good physical health among employees in the workplace, while Think Well at SL promotes good mental health and encourages a more open approach to mental health issues.

The range of 2018 events are fun, but they also have a serious message – encouraging employees to become more active, eat more healthily, and generally look after their overall health and wellbeing – mentally and physically.

The Importance of Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace and employee wellbeing are increasingly important topics to Irish workers, particularly given the strong focus many have on achieving the right work-life balance. In other words, working is no longer just about salary and promotional prospects. Instead, it is about being happy and healthy, physically and mentally.

Wellbeing programmes are beneficial for companies too. They create a more pleasant working environment with happier and more productive workers. Wellbeing programmes also help with recruitment and staff retention activities.

Highlights of the SL Controls Wellbeing Events in 2018

Some of the event highlights planned for 2018 include:

  • Operation Transformation in January
  • The children’s Easter art competition in March
  • National Workplace Wellbeing Day in April
  • Darkness Into Light event in May
  • Diversity Week in June
  • National Fitness Day in September
  • World Mental Health Day in October
  • Hydration challenge in November

As well as the organised events, SL Controls also offers support, help, and practical tools to make it easier and more enjoyable for our employees to participate in the Live Well at SL and Think Well at SL wellbeing programmes. Regular wellbeing bulletins are also planned which will offer information on various health topics.