Operation – Mental Health – Transformation

SL Controls is currently in the middle of an Operation Transformation initiative. Based on the television programme of the same name, it is about encouraging and helping employees to start 2018 in a healthy way.

Much of the focus of healthy living initiatives like this is about physical health, i.e. eating healthy foods and leading an active lifestyle. These are undeniably important, but physical health is only one part of your overall health and wellbeing. Good mental health is also crucially important.

That’s why we included a mental health element to the SL Controls Operation Transformation initiative.

Being Grateful

The first element is about being grateful. This is because an attitude of gratitude is a good way of improving mental health.

Being grateful is about changing the focus from things that are out of our control but which we all like to complain about. Instead of doing that, we change the focus by being grateful for things that we do have in our lives as well as the things we have been able to achieve.

When we focus on what really matters and are grateful for them, we can lower stress levels and become more self-aware.

Therefore, as part of Operation Transformation, we encourage our employees to list things every week they are grateful for.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is also a key part of the SL Controls’ Operation Transformation initiative. This element involves writing down a weekly goal at the start of every week.

Goal setting is about ensuring there is a focus on what you want to achieve in the week ahead. When you write down goals in this way, you are less likely to become distracted by things that are a lower priority, or which are not as important.

In addition, setting goals gives you more control over your future, and it provides you with the motivation you need to achieve. You will also feel a greater sense of personal satisfaction once you do achieve the goal knowing the focus and effort you put in to make it happen.