Smart Manufacturing Consultancy

Traditional manufacturing facilities have limited flexibility, no end-to-end connectivity, silo thinking, and lots of manual operations.

With our Smart Manufacturing Consultancy services, we’ll use Industry 4.0 technologies to ensure your production facility is fully equipped for the future while also achieving significant productivity and efficiency gains.

Your Smart Manufacturing facility will have flexible equipment, end-to-end connectivity, self-organising operations, and cyber-connected manufacturing, helping you react quickly to market needs.


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Transforming Your Operations

At SL Controls, we offer consultancy services that provide innovative solutions through all stages of the manufacturing process.

  • Industry 4.0 and IoT Digital Maturity Assessments plus critical decision support for plant management and production control projects.
  • Process optimisation as well as strategy, governance, and standards development.
  • QMS development and inspection readiness as well as the implementation of CSA techniques for validating computerised systems.
  • Extensive knowledge of manufacturing systems and over 20 years’ experience serving the Life Sciences & Technology industries.

At SL Controls, we will develop a bespoke Industry 4.0 and digital factory adoption strategy for your business. We can conduct a Digital Maturity Assessment to provide a high-level assessment of your facility, operations, processes, and services. We can then identify areas where Industry 4.0 solutions can save you money, add value, and improve quality.

  • The pre-assessment stage, where we will score the digital maturity levels of all aspects of your operations.
  • The assessment stage, where we will identify what can be achieved and what should be achieved, before developing a roadmap.
  • The benefits realisation stage, where we calculate return on investment, develop a business case, and generate costings.
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The scale of opportunity and potential with Smart Manufacturing solutions is broad. The technologies involved are also rapidly developing, and they are becoming more complex. At SL Controls, we have the knowledge and experience to navigate these challenges, identify what is important to your business, and then select the right equipment for your requirements.

We’ll fully research the market, testing various options, reading supplier documentation, and speaking to subject matter experts to ensure the equipment you buy meets your requirements and is agile and flexible enough to adapt to your needs in the future.

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Our vertical integration services at SL Controls will increase the connectivity of technology and processes throughout your organisation, not just on the factory floor. The benefits include a greater flow of data, as well as improving oversight and generating substantial efficiency savings.

Horizontal integration involves integrating the various aspects of your supply chain. As with vertical integration, the benefits include improved productivity and efficiency, plus your business will be better equipped to meet market demands, enhancing the service you offer to customers.

With both vertical and horizontal integration, we will work with all relevant stakeholders, developing a robust system that will deliver on your objectives.

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Converging your IT and operational technology will deliver efficiency savings at the factory floor level and across all units in your business, from sales to customer service to accounting to HR. Our convergence solutions also deliver productivity improvements through, for example, faster batch changeovers, enhanced OEE, improved access to data, and automated decision-making. You will also see improvements in quality and customer service metrics.

At SL Controls, we have extensive experience working on IT/OT convergence projects. We understand the technologies and processes involved, as well the challenges that have to be overcome, ensuring the solution we deliver improves your overall technology infrastructure and operational processes.

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As data is one of the most important factors in the Smart Factory, databases are essential. At SL Controls, we have database experts on our team who can ensure full architecture optimisation of the most important databases to your business. We can optimise your existing databases, and we can design and implement new solutions.

We also have experience scaling databases, with a process that first involves capacity testing to ensure the database can handle the increased workload.

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Microsoft’s Azure cloud solutions are best in class, plus they are fully adaptable and flexible according to your needs. There is a wide range of apps available, you only pay for what you use, and solutions built on the Azure platform also integrate with other Microsoft apps that your business currently uses. Plus, Azure has enterprise-level security and compliance features.

At SL Controls, we’ll develop a cloud solution to deliver the manufacturing services integration that your business needs. Our expertise includes full cloud solutions, on-premises solutions built on the Azure platform, hybrid cloud solutions, multi-cloud solutions, and at the edge.

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The data produced by your manufacturing facility can be used to improve your operations in a range of different ways, from automating decision-making to improving OEE to having real-time visibility of what is happening across your entire production line.

Those advantages are only possible if the data you are using is accurate and consistent. This can be a challenging issue, particularly if you have equipment from various vendors and a range of different systems and platforms. Each will handle and output data differently.

At SL Controls, we can develop robust and effective data logging structures as well as optimising the integrity of data in your manufacturing systems.

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Automation and software solutions can drive transformational change in your business, delivering substantial productivity and efficiency improvements while also making your operations more agile to adapt to market demands. Choosing the right automation solution or software system is the challenge.

With our experience at SL Controls, we understand the requirements of modern manufacturing businesses, particularly those in the life sciences and technology sectors. We also have extensive knowledge of software and automation platforms and solutions, ensuring you get a solution that delivers on your requirements from day one.

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  • We are a specialist systems integration and Smart Factory solution provider.
  • We have extensive experience delivering consultancy and related services to high-speed manufacturing organisations, and we specialise in providing solutions for the life sciences and technologies sectors.
  • The assessment and solution that we develop for your business will deliver a return on investment as they will focus on areas that will produce maximum gains for your business.
  • We provide a full range of Smart Manufacturing consultancy services, so we can assist with your entire digital transformation journey.
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Find more information on how SL Controls uses your data and protects your privacy by viewing our privacy policy.