Environmental, Social, and Governance

SL Controls believes we have a responsibility as a company and as individuals to make a positive impact on society and build a sustainable future for the world. We strive for continuous improvement in the delivery of our services, and we are committed to doing the same in the areas of Environmental, Social, and Governance.

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Sustainable Development Goals

In 2022, we announced the setting of five core sustainable development goals based on the framework set out by the UN in its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Our five sustainable development goals are:

  • Good Health and Wellbeing
  • Quality Education
  • Gender Equality
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Responsible Consumption and Production

We have well-established health and wellbeing initiatives already in place – Live Well at SL which focuses on good physical health, and Think Well at SL, which promotes good mental health in the workplace. We also provide high-quality healthcare to our employees as part of our benefits package.


However, there is always more we can do in the areas of physical health, mental health, and general wellbeing. We have a good foundation to build on, but good health and wellbeing remains an essential priority for our business.

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The success of SL Controls has come from the knowledge and skills of our team, so we are deeply aware of the importance of quality education. As part of our commitment to the Quality Education sustainable development goal, we will continue to support our staff as they upskill and engage in ongoing training and educational opportunities.


We also have well-established and long-standing relationships with local universities and schools where we promote quality education and encourage young people to consider a career in engineering. Furthermore, we have worked closely with universities to develop new courses that provide both qualified and aspiring engineers with the skills needed by industry today.

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Gender equality is an issue that we have been passionate about for many years as we operate in a sector – engineering – that has a historical and persistent gender imbalance. While there are some parts of the engineering sector that are better than others, more men work as engineers than women. Our college courses also continue to have more male students than female.


Correcting this gender imbalance in engineering is the right thing to do. It is also a business imperative, as Ireland has a shortage of engineers. We need more young women and girls to see the opportunities that exist in engineering and to choose it as a career.


Promoting gender equality throughout society is also something we are committed to.

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Helping our employees achieve a healthy work-life balance has always been a priority at SL Controls. This includes operating a hybrid model of working, where the vast majority of our employees spend part of their working week in the office and the rest at home. With hybrid working, our employees have more flexibility, and they don’t spend as much time commuting, leaving them with more time to spend with their families.


There are other benefits that come from increased working from home at SL Controls. A reduction in commuting results in fewer carbon emissions, plus our employees are now able to spend more time in their local communities.


We remain committed to ensuring we provide a positive workplace for our employees, where a healthy work-life balance is the norm.

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We will do what we can to ensure responsible consumption in our operations. This includes maximising recycling activities at all our office locations, and optimising power management. We continuously review our electricity and energy consumption as well, seeking efficiencies wherever possible.


This work is an ongoing effort, so we will take action to ensure responsible consumption and production whenever the opportunity arises, in addition to taking proactive steps.

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We considered our sustainable development goals carefully, selecting those where we could have the most impact while also challenging us to improve. To find out more email [email protected] or complete the form and we’ll get back to you.

Find more information on how SL Controls uses your data and protects your privacy by viewing our privacy policy.