SL Controls Introduction

SL Controls provides Equipment Systems Integration solutions to manufacturers, particularly those in the life sciences and technology sectors. Due to the ongoing growth and expansion of our business, we have a number of exciting engineering career opportunities available.

The roles are based in various locations across Ireland as well as in our office in the USA. Our engineers deliver cutting-edge Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 solutions, so the work is rewarding and challenging. We also offer excellent opportunities for career progression.

Benefits of Working at SL Controls

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Why SL Controls

At SL Controls, we offer an excellent package of benefits to employees. We also offer a challenging, interesting, and rewarding working environment. This means you will get to work with a range of different clients in multiple sectors, including pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing. Our engineers also work with multiple technologies and platforms. Other benefits of working for us include:

Dynamic Learning

At SL Controls, we know that learning is not something that happens once or sporadically. So, we support the future careers of our employees by inspiring a culture of dynamic, continuous learning and professional development.

Developing our team and encouraging lifelong learning is an investment in both our employees and the company. Our objectives are to stimulate change and motivate, as well as invigorate new ideas across the team.

Dynamic Learning Programme at SL Controls

What It's Like Working at SL Controls

Robert O'Hanlon, Field Engineer

As a Field Engineer, Robert delivers SL Controls services to clients in Europe and around the world.

Career Progression at SL Controls

Project Engineer Keith Connaughton talks about career progression opportunities at SL Controls.

Patrick Potter, Controls Systems Engineer

Controls System Engineer talks about the team approach at SL Controls.

What It's Like Working at SL Controls


What You Need to Know About Validation and Quality Systems Engineering Roles at SL Controls

Validation and quality engineering are a core part of the services that we offer to clients. This means we have a large team of validation and quality engineers at SL Controls. That team is growing, too, as our company grows and expands into new markets. If you are considering taking on a new role in validation or quality engineering, what opportunities are there at SL Controls, what sorts of projects will you be working on, and what is it like working for us? Maybe you are starting out in your engineering career and want to know if there are opportunities available for you. In this blog, you will find a general overview of validation and quality engineering roles at SL Controls. If you have a specific query, however, please get in touch.

Validation and Quality Engineering Roles

The validation and quality engineering roles that we regularly recruit for to expand our growing team include:
  • Computer Systems Validation Engineer (CSV Engineer)
  • Validation Engineer
  • Equipment Validation Engineer
  • Software Quality Engineer
  • Lab Systems (LIMS) Validation Engineer
  • CQV Engineer
  • Technical Writer
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer
You can find a list of current vacancies on our All Jobs page.

Who We Are and What We Do

At SL Controls, we provide specialist technology solutions to clients in the life sciences sector. This includes multinational pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology companies. We specialize in the delivery of equipment systems integration projects with the aim of achieving objectives such as increased productivity, optimized OEE, and more efficient regulatory compliance. We work with our clients to modernize their manufacturing and quality control processes, helping them do more with less while also ensuring they are ready for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

What’s the Working Environment Like at SL Controls?

The working environment at SL Controls is one of innovation and problem-solving. We have a strong team culture where staff at all levels are ready to offer help, advice, and support wherever it’s needed. We also have a strong knowledge-sharing and learning culture that includes structured continuous professional development and training programs.

The Skills Required for Our Validation and Quality Roles

You will need a degree in a relevant discipline to apply for one of our validation or quality engineering roles. Experience working in the pharmaceutical, medical devices, or biotechnology sectors is an advantage, although it’s not strictly necessary. There are then often job-specific skills and experience that we look for. However, we do have roles where experience is not required or can be substituted with academic experience. One thing we do look out for in the candidate selection process is passion – passion for working with life sciences companies, as well as a passion for innovative technologies, problem-solving, and delivering on client objectives.

What Should You Do Next?

A good starting point is to visit the Recruitment page on our website. It has more information about working at SL Controls, including the extensive benefits package that we offer. You will also find out more about our approach to helping our employees achieve a positive work-life balance. Details of our current vacancies are also on our recruitment page. And remember, if you have any queries, please get in touch.

Renaming the SL Controls HR Department – Why and What it Means

The HR function in companies like SL Controls has evolved considerably. The traditional style of HR was largely focused on compliance and recruitment. Both areas are still incredibly important, but modern companies now have a much broader range of requirements.

As a result, we recently began an exercise to clarify the list of activities that we are responsible for and undertake as an HR team. The aim was to explore the option of changing the department’s name to make it more reflective of a modern workplace.

Was our assumption correct that the term HR is out of date? Does the term reflect what we do, and does it have relevance in a modern and forward-thinking company?

Review and Decision

We listed about 35 different activities that we are responsible for or are directly involved in as an HR team. Those activities include traditional HR tasks like record keeping, leave administration, employment law, and talent acquisition.

However, there is also a wide range of other activities that don’t fall neatly into the category of a traditional HR task. Those activities include things like employee wellbeing, manager coaching and support, community involvement, and training.

In fact, traditional HR tasks were in the minority on our list. As a result, we started brainstorming ideas for a new name for the department. That new name is: People and Culture Team

People and Culture Team

Those within the People and Culture Team (formerly known as HR) also have new titles to reflect the wider scope of activities that we are involved in.

Shauna Ryan, Director of People and Culture at SL Controls said: “Less than a third of the tasks that we do in what used to be the HR department are traditional HR tasks, so it makes sense to change the department’s name.

“Our roles in the company center around people, culture, and development as we provide support both to the business and to individual employees. We believe the new name for the department – People and Culture Team – is the perfect fit.”

Norma Mulligan, People and Culture Team Executive at SL Controls said: “We looked at a number of different names when going through this process, including keeping the old HR name. However, the People and Culture name just clicked as it perfectly describes, in a nutshell, the various activities, tasks, and responsibilities we have within SL Controls.”

Keith Moran, CEO of SL Controls, said: “We have always been a people business at SL Controls, and that is even more true today than it was when we started. The days of companies operating with an old-fashioned HR department are long gone. So, it is right that we should rename the department, not only to reflect what the team does on a day-to-day basis, but also to ensure there is sufficient emphasis on areas like supporting and helping our people in SL Controls and continuing to strengthen our company culture. So, I am fully behind and supportive of changing to the new name People and Culture Team.”

What is the Company Culture Like at SL Controls?

When considering working for a company, …

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Wellbeing and Culture

Live Well at SL

Live Well at SL

Live Well at SL is our workplace wellbeing programme. It aims to promote work-life balance and living a healthy lifestyle during working hours. We run regular wellbeing activities and events, we provide practical support, and we encourage participation throughout the organisation.

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Think Well at SL

Think Well at SL

Mental health and wellbeing are as important as physical health, so we developed a separate programme at SL Controls to ensure mental health issues are recognised and to promote good workplace mental health in the business. Think Well at SL increases awareness of mental health issues and reduces stigma.

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Company Culture at SL Controls

Company Culture at SL Controls

At SL Controls, we promote a positive and healthy company culture that enhances the experience for our employees, builds relationships, offers opportunities for development, and ensures our employees achieve a good work-life balance. Our company culture is central to who we are and the services we offer.

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Renaming the SL Controls HR Department – Why and What it Means

Renaming the SL Controls HR Department – Why and What it Means

The HR function in companies like SL Controls has evolved considerably. The traditional style of HR was […]

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