An Insight into Working at SL Controls – Our Diverse Range of Clients

At SL Controls, our engineers get the opportunity to work on a variety of projects for a vast range of clients. In fact, this is one of the key attractions of the job for many on our team.

By working on different projects for different clients, they get to experience new technologies, machines, equipment, business processes, and project goals. These experiences enhance their engineering careers and improve their overall abilities.

We have even set up the structure of our business to help us better serve our broad client base across the country. We do this through four regional offices across Ireland in Sligo (the head office), Limerick, Galway, and Dublin.

It is not just Ireland either, as we have clients and project operations in other countries too. In addition, overseas interest for our innovative services is growing as we pursue our ambitious growth plans. This will bring us new clients, including those who don’t have operations in Ireland.

What types of client can you expect to be helping if you work as an engineer at SL Controls? Below are some of the main sectors we serve.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in Ireland is strong, with many of the world’s biggest companies operating production facilities here. At SL Controls, we work for seven of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturers, plus many more.

These companies are at the cutting-edge of manufacturing, with our solutions helping them achieve substantial productivity gains and efficiency savings. We also help them move closer to creating Smart Factories with Industry 4.0 technologies and solutions.

In addition, we have extensive experience with pharmaceutical industry regulations both here in Europe and in the US through the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

This is important as regulations on both sides of the Atlantic continuously change and develop as authorities work towards providing better protection for patients and consumers while also combating the trade in illegal and fraudulent medicines. We provide the technical solutions that companies in the pharmaceutical industry need to meet new regulatory requirements.

Medical Device Industry

The medical device industry is another that is strong in Ireland, with both foreign companies and local businesses in operation. It is a competitive industry too, so constantly improving production lines is essential.

Our engineers help clients in the medical device industry with tailored solutions. Crucially, these solutions can scale and adapt as demand for their products changes in what is a continuously evolving market.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage manufacturing is a cornerstone industry in Ireland, and it is one we are proud to support with our controls, automation, and validation services. A particular area of expertise for us is in the perishable goods sector, where our solutions improve the competitiveness of our clients.

Of course, we don’t limit our operations to companies in the above industries and sectors, although most of our clients fall within one of these categories. One thing is for certain: it is exciting and challenging work.

Why not check out our careers page to find out more about the engineering vacancies we currently have at SL Controls.

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