Video – The Smart Way to Make Your Factory Smarter

Turning factories into smart factories is a key consideration for everyone in manufacturing. After all, Industry 4.0 promises significant benefits in terms of efficiency savings, productivity improvements, and enhanced business intelligence. What next step can you take, however, that will help turn your manufacturing facility into a smart factory? TOTALsolution is the answer.

TOTALsolution is part of the TOTALline suite of products. Those products are:

  • TOTALbatch – automates batch changeover and traceability processes
  • TOTALdata – improves production line data collection and reporting

TOTALsolution features several modules enabling you to choose exactly what you need for your business. We then customise each module to your production line giving you the cost savings of an off-the-shelf product while still getting a solution tailored to your needs.

Watch our short video on TOTALsolution to get an overview of how this unique product works.

To find out more about TOTALsolution, the modules that are included, and how your business can benefit, please contact us today by emailing [email protected]