Calling all Automation, Controls and Systems Validation Engineers in Limerick

A company with growth plans as ambitious as ours at SL Controls needs top quality engineers. Could you be the next engineer to join our Limerick team?

In addition to having ambitious growth plans, we also operate in an engineering sector that is itself experiencing considerable growth. One of the reasons for this is the introduction of new EU regulations, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry.

Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory technologies are also becoming increasingly important factors. In other words, our manufacturing clients are constantly seeking enhanced systems integration and automation, improved OEE, more productive business processes, and better access to high-value data.

SL Controls delivers these solutions and more, plus we have a reputation for being a leader in the industry, not least because of the quality of our engineering team.

And we’d like to talk to you!

Engineering Careers in Limerick

The SL Controls Limerick office was officially opened last year and currently has about 34 employees, but we are growing fast. Some of the current vacancies include:

The SL Controls Limerick Office

Our Limerick office is a close-knit and highly-motivated team that includes engineers and project managers at all levels. Those engineers have a diverse range of skills in relation to automation, controls, and equipment systems engineering.

This expertise is necessary as the Limerick office is the centre of the automation and validation departments of SL Controls.

In addition, the Limerick team works on projects for a range of different clients in several industries. This includes pharmaceutical, medical device, consumer, and food and beverage manufacturing.

Move Back to Limerick

If you’re an engineer with connections to Limerick, the opportunities available at SL Controls provide you with the option of moving back home. You will benefit from the quality of life that living in Limerick offers while still working at the cutting edge of your chosen career.

In addition, SL Controls offers excellent benefits to employees that enables us to compete with much larger employers.

The time to move back to Limerick could be closer than you think.

Moving to Limerick

Even if you have no connections with Limerick, it is a great place to work and build your engineering career. The cost of living is low, particularly when you compare the cost of housing in Limerick to Dublin and surrounding counties.

In addition, Limerick is a strong hub for a range of manufacturing sectors in Ireland, including medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

There’s a strong sense of community in the region too, as well as excellent sports facilities, sports clubs, and entertainment venues, plus there is a great social scene.

The Next Steps

Have a look at the Limerick-specific vacancies we currently have available on our careers page. When you find one you are interested in, please complete the form to submit your CV.

It could be your best career move to date.