7 Reasons Why You Should Work at SL Controls Limerick Office

If you are a controls engineer or validation engineer, there are lots of locations around Ireland where you can find employment. Why should you choose SL Controls and why should you work in the Limerick office?

The team in our Limerick office includes engineers with family connections to Limerick and those that don’t. They choose our Limerick office because it is a great place to work and grow your career.

Here are seven reasons why you should consider taking the next step in your career with a position based in the Limerick office of SL Controls.

1. Great Team

The team in our Limerick office includes engineers of varying levels, from Graduate Engineers to Senior Engineers to Team Leads to Project Managers. The team is close-knit and welcoming, creating a positive and enjoyable environment to work in.

2. Varied Range of Clients

SL Controls works with a wide range of clients, including seven out of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world. The Limerick team is involved in projects with many of those clients and with others in the pharmaceutical industry.

In addition, we work with clients in consumer, medical technology, and food and beverage manufacturing, particularly those with operations in the Limerick region.

3. Varied Projects

With a varied range of clients comes a varied range of projects. This includes smaller projects as well as those involving large teams lasting up to several months.

Specifically, the team in Limerick is involved in automation and controls projects, serialisation projects, Factory Automation projects, and more.

4. Varied Technologies

One of the key selling points of SL Controls is that we are vendor neutral. This means we have the capability to work on any system or machine that a client operates. In addition, the solutions we provide to clients come from vendors best placed to help those clients achieve their objectives, i.e. we don’t push a particular vendor over another for any other reason than it is the right choice for the client.

As a result, our engineers get experience working on a wide range of technologies.

Also, our solutions are at the cutting edge of Industry 4.0.

You could be involved in all these technologies as well, including delivering Smart Factory solutions, if you get a position working in our Limerick team.

5. Lower Cost of Living

Living and working in Limerick is much cheaper than living in Dublin or Cork. House prices, in particular, are considerably lower in Limerick.

In addition, you don’t have to make compromises on your career ambitions in order to live and work in a location that has a more realistic cost of living. The Limerick area has a thriving manufacturing sector so is an area where we have seen substantial growth at SL Controls. This growth presents fantastic opportunities for all the engineers on our team.

6. Great City

You don’t have to compromise on the quality of the city you live in either, as Limerick is a great place to live. You will be close to Shannon airport, shopping in Limerick is excellent, and we have great restaurants, bars, and clubs.

The schools are good too if you have children, plus we have strong connections with the University of Limerick and Limerick Institute of Technology. Both those institutions are great choices if you want to further your education, something which we will help you with as an employee at SL Controls.

7. Growing SL Controls Hub

The final reason to choose the SL Controls Limerick office for your next career move is the level of growth we expect in the region over the coming years. Manufacturing facilities must modernise and move towards Industry 4.0 goals in order to stay competitive. In addition, new EU regulations require companies to update and improve their operations.

These companies come to us for solutions, and we need engineers like you to help deliver them.

Check out our latest engineering vacancies in Limerick by visiting our careers page today.

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