Serialization Services

With various international serialization implementation deadlines looming, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Food & Beverage manufacturers need a knowledgeable and reliable partner to assist with the design, integration and validation of their entire serialization solution.

SL Controls has the experience and vendor relationship to be your ideal solution provider. Our systems architects and engineers have been designing and implementing serialization and track and trace solutions within the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Food & Beverage industries for more than 10 years. Let SL Controls guide you through the various international regulations and install a serialization solution that meets your business requirements.

We Offer:

Serialization Program Master Planning
Line Integration Support
Turnkey System Implementation
ERP Systems Integration
Track and Trace System Implementation
Product Authentication

Building Blocks of our Serialization Services


Our authentication service enables you to validate the authenticity of your products anywhere in the supply chain, from manufacturing all the way to the consumer:

Every item (unit of sale) is assigned a unique serial number
Our solution provides basic authentication of the serial number as well as the item level authentication
DNA authentication which verifies additional item information, such as weight, lot, expiration date and status or last location.
E-Fingerprint authentication can verify a product’s authenticity in real time with a simple smart phone.
Parent child relations established between the carton to case and case pallet:
Every item (unit of sale), case & pallet is assigned a unique serial number.
All serialised product is associated with the parent component.

Enterprise Serialization

We provide an end-to-end solution that gives your business global site and line management of serialization at the enterprise level. Our Enterprise Serialization solution goes way beyond assigning serial numbers to ensure regulatory compliance. We capture and store actionable data analytics that can give your business greater insights and control over your operations.

Premise based data
Aggregation events
Product decommissioning and return.

Track & Trace

An electronic record showing the change in ownership of the product throughout all stages of the supply chain. Data can be easily accessed to support real-time forensics, recall reimbursement control and regulatory reporting.

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