The Smart – and Cost-Effective – Way to Improve the Performance of Production Lines

Integrating equipment, machines, platforms, and sites to improve productivity is a key objective of most production lines. Automating processes to drive efficiencies is another crucial objective. How can you achieve these objectives with minimal risk and cost, however, while also ensuring full regulatory compliance?

The traditional way of automating processes and integrating the elements that make up your manufacturing capabilities is to get a software solution created from scratch.

There is another way.

This new and unique alternative delivers the same end result but at a lower cost and with a faster delivery time.

The TOTALline Solution

TOTALline is a software product made up of several fully customisable software modules that achieve the broad objectives outlined above.

For a quick introduction, watch this 60-second video where SL Controls’ Technical Director, Paul Clarke, succinctly summarises TOTALline.


What Does TOTALline Do?

We developed TOTALline at SL Controls to meet the specific needs of manufacturers in regulated sectors, particularly pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing. In summary, TOTALline enables you to achieve data-driven savings in your manufacturing processes.

The software modules that make up TOTALline are off-the-shelf, giving you substantial cost and time savings. Our team then fully customises and integrates the modules to meet your requirements.

The benefits of TOTALline include:

  • Improved efficiency by automating processes such as data collection, data analysis, and batch control
  • Improved productivity through enhanced machine integration and the automation of processes
  • Reduced risks through the accurate and automatic collection and reporting of data, including batch reports
  • Improved OEE
  • Improved decision-making as you will have better insight into the performance of your production lines
  • Reduced costs compared to achieving the same objectives with a solution created from scratch
  • Faster implementation time than achieving the same objectives with traditional alternatives

TOTALline Products

We have split TOTALline into three distinct product offerings to make it easier for you to find the best solution for your needs. Each one of those product offerings can then be fully optimised before being integrated into your production line by our highly skilled and experienced team.


With TOTALbatch, you can reduce batch changeover times to just a few minutes. You will also benefit from improved batch integrity and traceability.

Watch the video to find out more.



Move away from manual record-keeping on your production lines forever with TOTALdata. TOTALdata is vendor neutral and will give you greater oversight of your operations, improving analysis and decision making.

Watch the video to find out more.



With TOTALsolution, you can select any modules from the full TOTALline product range, including those in TOTALbatch and TOTALdata.

Watch the video to find out more.


Taking the Next Steps

In a sentence, the TOTALline product range from SL Controls will improve the performance of your production line without the cost and time delays of developing a similar software solution from scratch.

To find out more about TOTALline and how it can help your manufacturing facilities, please contact a member of our team today.