How the West and North West’s Thriving MedTech and Pharmaceutical Sectors are Creating Engineering Career Opportunities

A recent article in the Independent featured the headline: “Forget Dublin’s Silicon Docks…Going west means tech can offer lifestyles as well as work”.

It mentioned Limerick and Galway before stating: “Now Sligo is coming up the ranks as a place to build a career, and home to game-changing tech developments.”

Of course, this is bang on the money – places like Galway, Limerick, and Sligo are now increasingly seen as places to establish business operations that require highly skilled employees. This could be an indigenous Irish start-up, an established Irish company expanding in another area of the country, or a major multinational corporation looking to tap into Ireland’s strong pool of talent.

In terms of preferred business locations, Dublin is increasingly losing out to the West and the North West.

There are many reasons for this but high up on that list of reasons to choose the West or North West is quality of life.

Balancing Lifestyle and Work

Dublin is a thriving and growing major European city, but it also suffers from high house prices, high general costs of living, and traffic problems, among other things. This can put a strain on workers as well as companies.

The West and the North West don’t suffer from these issues, particularly in cities like Sligo. In other words, house prices in Sligo are considerably lower than in Dublin, the cost of living is lower too, and major traffic problems are almost non-existent.

The West and North West also offer fantastic night-time and weekend entertainment, wonderful beaches, and stunning natural scenery.

What do you have to sacrifice professionally to get this improved quality of life, however?

The reality is you don’t have to sacrifice anything as there are ongoing and rewarding career opportunities in the region, particularly if you are a tech professional or engineer.

The MedTech and Pharmaceutical Sectors

The MedTech and pharmaceutical sectors are two excellent examples of where high-performing and career advancing employment opportunities exist in the West and North West.

Many of the world’s biggest names in MedTech and pharmaceutical manufacturing have an operation in the region including Abbott, AbbVie, Allergan, and Baxter International. There are also Irish-owned manufacturers in the area too. All these companies create employment opportunities, particularly for engineers.

However, this only scratches the surface of the potential of the West and North West to advance and build your career. This is because there is also a large and strong network of Irish companies based in the West and North West that provide support services to industries like the pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing industries.

With offices in Sligo, Galway, and Limerick, SL Controls is one of those Irish-owned companies where there are opportunities for engineers, but there are many other companies where opportunities exist too.

Your Next Move

Whether you have roots in the West or North West of Ireland or not, looking to this region of the country could be the best career move you make. With the employment opportunities available, particularly in high-growth sectors like MedTech and pharmaceutical manufacturing, you could advance your career and take on new challenges.

You will also benefit from the unique quality of life that the West and North West offers.

Why not check out the SL Controls’ career page to see what engineering opportunities are available now. The West and North West would love to have you.