Transform Your Operation to the Ever-Connected World

Manual record keeping, analysis, and reporting are no longer sufficient. You need access to integrated data across multiple machines and, often, multiple sites. The presentation of that data should facilitate efficient analysis of operations enabling you to make performance improving decisions. This is exactly what you get with TOTALdata.

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Technology Neutral

TOTALdata is a technology-independent solution that is part of the SL Controls’ TOTALline suite of products that also includes TOTALsolution and TOTALbatch. It is also web-based so you can access data from any piece of equipment anywhere in the world safely, securely, and in a fully compliant way.

Measure OEE

You can measure machine utilisation and get real-time machine OEE data. Your engineers can also oversee, troubleshoot, and monitor all production lines from any number of access points. The tools your engineers get with TOTALdata include:

  • TOTAL Ramp Up Manager
  • TOTAL Machine Performance
  • TOTAL Line Performance
  • TOTAL Pivot

TOTALdata Features

  • Server Infrastructure – central server stores all data from your production lines as well hosting the web-based user interfaces
  • TOTAL Emailing – setup email notifications to users and/or groups with time or data triggers so you have information when you need it
  • TOTAL Reporting – analyse your production line with customisable reports aimed at various management levels in your plant
  • TOTALdata Engine – TOTALdata is a technology-neutral, enterprise-level data logging application that captures all actions, events, product information, and procedures.
  • TOTALdata Push – the system pushes data from line level to the server to ensure you always have access to real-time, up-to-date information
  • Security and Compliance – TOTALdata is Gamp 5 validated and features high-level encryption technology to keep your data safe and secure

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    Download Technical Data PDF

    To find out more about the modules, configuration options, and possibilities that TOTALline offers, please download our TOTALline Technical Data document by completing this form. Click the image to view the form.

    TOTALline can deliver OEE savings of up to 20 percent on your productions line. Find out more by contacting a member of our team today. Please email or complete the form.

    Speak to a member of our team today. Email or complete the form.

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