Improve Line Performance with TOTALsolution

With TOTALsolution, you get access to the full suite of modules in the TOTALline range. Our team will integrate those modules with your existing systems to automate processes, improve batch traceability, reduce risk, and give you more information on performance at line and machine level.

Speak to a member of our team today to see how TOTALline can improve batch control and/or data management and reporting on your production lines. Email or complete the form.

What is TOTALsolution

TOTALsolution includes:

  • TOTALbatch – automate batch control and the audit trail process to give you instant access to batch information while also reducing the resources required for batch control processes
  • TOTALdata – automate record keeping, reporting, and data analysis across all your machines, lines, and sites

Technology and Vendor Neutral

Every module and feature in TOTALsolution is vendor-neutral and meets compliance standard 21 CFR Part II. The interfaces are web-based too, so TOTALsolution can integrate sites in different geographical areas and give members of your team visibility and control at a machine level from anywhere in the world.

Automated line for marshalling bottles of drugs

TOTALsolution Benefits

Machine Integration – TOTALsolution is vendor-neutral allowing you to integrate machines and processes across all sites, improving overall effectiveness.
Batch Controlautomate batch control to eliminate manual record keeping, improve batch traceability, and increase operational oversight.
Line Clearance – by automating the line clearance process and improving record keeping you can make more efficient use of your resources.

Automate Record Keeping – TOTALsolution gathers data from all events, actions, and processes on all machines in a secure, centralised server.
Machine OEE – monitor machine utilisation and optimise machine OEE with web-based interfaces that give you access to data anywhere in the world.
Equipment Ramp-Up Automation – view alarms, states, and counter data for any machine at any site through powerful analytics and performance management tools.

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    Download Technical Data PDF

    To find out more about the modules, configuration options, and possibilities that TOTALline offers, please download our TOTALline Technical Data document by completing this form. Click the image to view the form.

    TOTALline can deliver OEE savings of up to 20 percent on your productions line. Find out more by contacting a member of our team today. Please email or complete the form.

    Speak to a member of our team today. Email or complete the form.

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