What Makes Being a Recruiter at SL Controls Different to Other Companies?

The projects and solutions we deliver for clients at SL Controls require very particular skillsets. This includes controls, validation, and automation engineering skills, as well as skills in the emerging discipline of equipment systems engineer.

We take on engineers at all levels, from graduates to project managers, but it’s important we get the right people. The work environment we create in the company is also crucial to our success, ensuring all members of our team get the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our HR team is essential to delivering on these objectives. Given the specific skills we require and the rapidly advancing nature of the technology we work with, being a recruiter at SL Controls is not like being a recruiter at other companies. Adrienne Burke is SL Controls in-house recruiter.

What Are the Main Differences Being a Recruiter at SL Controls Compared to Other Companies?

SL Controls is a very ambitious company that is growing all the time. This growth means we regularly need engineers to deliver new projects for our expanding list of clients. So, even though we have excellent staff retention rates, the recruitment effort at SL Controls is non-stop – we are always interested to hear from good engineers, plus we actively advertise positions and seek out potential candidates.

SL Controls also has fantastic employee health and wellbeing initiatives in place. There are great career progression opportunities and flexible working options available too.

Tell Us About the HR Department

We are always busy dealing with regular staff issues and running programmes like Live Well and SL and Think Well at SL. We are also busy recruiting – advertising, interviewing, and inducting new employees. The team is fantastic, though, and we work hard to ensure we have the right people in the right places.

What Are the Most Important Things Candidates Should Know About SL Controls?

I know it’s my job to say it, but SL Controls really is a great place to work. If you work hard and are willing to learn, you do get recognition and opportunities to work on new projects, use new technologies, etc.

The work is very varied too, particularly within the pharmaceutical, medical device, and food and beverage sectors. We have engineers currently on the team who had more fixed roles with previous employers, working in a single production line or with a very specific area of responsibility. You will experience a much more varied selection of projects and clients when you work at SL Controls, though. I know this is one of the things our engineers really like.

What Advice Would You Give Anyone Coming for an Interview at SL Controls?

We need people with the right skillsets, but we also have a tried-and-tested methodology for delivering client projects. Therefore, flexibility and a willingness to adapt and learn are some of the qualities we look for.

An interest in new technologies that come under the Industry 4.0 umbrella is helpful too. SL Controls is at the cutting edge of this technology, helping manufacturers in Ireland make their factories smarter. It’s up to our engineers to deliver those solutions.

Want to Join Our Team?

Visit our careers page to learn more about our current engineering vacancies.

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