Achieving Engineering Career Stability – the Three-Pronged Approach

Everyone wants to have a stable career. This means a career that gives you personal and professional satisfaction. It also means having a career you are proud of, as well as one that progresses at a rate and in a direction that suits you. So how do you achieve engineering career stability?

The specific answer to that question will vary depending on your circumstances and your ambitions. There are three main factors you should consider, though.

  • Nature of Employment
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Flexible Career Path

Let’s look at each in more detail.

Nature of Employment

At SL Controls, we believe in making all our engineers permanent employees. This demonstrates a commitment on both sides, plus it gives you much more stability in your career.

Work/Life Balance

The second factor you should consider when establishing a stable career is work/life balance. Achieving a good work/life balance is probably already one of your goals, but it is important you work for an employer with the same level of commitment to this goal.

In other words, you need an employer who takes active steps to help you get the right balance between your working life and your personal life. This can take many forms.

For example, it can include flexible working opportunities, workplace wellbeing programmes, or the option to live and work in a location other than Dublin. At SL Controls, we offer all these initiatives and more to help our employees get the right work/life balance.

Flexible Career Path

Career path is an unfortunate phrase as it indicates a single route. This is not the case as there are multiple paths that your engineering career can follow. In addition, you don’t have to stick to a path once you are on it. Instead, you can alter the course of your career or completely change its direction.

You need an employer who understands this and offers opportunities for career progression For example, you might want to diversify your skillset, achieve a greater level of expertise in a particular area, or gain experience in a different business unit within the company.

All the above examples involve progressing your career and improving your abilities as an engineer.

Of course, if you want to move into management and have the right skills to do so, you should get the opportunity to do this as well. Achieving career stability, however, means having the choice to find and move along a career path that best suits you as an engineer and as a person.

At SL Controls, we have a Pathways programme that helps our engineers progress their careers.

Achieving Career Stability

Achieving career stability does not mean becoming static. In fact, it means the opposite for most people as a stable career is one that challenges, interests, and excites you.

These are the type of careers we offer in our Limerick office and in our other regional offices around the country. Check out our latest vacancies now.