Using Outsourcing to Achieve Digital Transformation Success in the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Industries

Digital transformation involves more than digitising various aspects and processes of your business. It’s not about adding cool new tech or feature-packed software programmes either.

Instead, digital transformation is about digitalising your business, i.e. transforming your production facility into a digital business. This means interconnecting processes within the production line and in other parts of the business to add value to customers, improve productivity, make efficiency savings, enhance product quality, etc.

It’s an evolutionary process, but how can you make sure you implement digital transformation projects successfully and in a way that delivers an effective return on investment?

The Challenge of Digital Transformation in Pharma and MedTech

The above is often a challenging question to answer in the pharmaceuticals and medical device industries. After all, you have limited resources that are already busy with existing tasks and operations. How do you undertake the necessary but often complex process of digital transformation on top of this existing work?

Also, your existing resources may not include all the expertise and experience required to deliver a digital transformation project.

Outsourcing is an essential part of the solution.

Outsourcing Digital Transformation

To clarify, this isn’t just about bringing in a third-party solution provider to deliver on a project that involves non-core aspects of your business.

Instead, outsourcing digital transformation involves developing relationships with strategic partners that offer resources, expertise, experience, and knowledge to ensure you achieve digital transformation success over the long-term.

7 Benefits of Outsourcing Digital Transformation

1. Additional Resources

Outsourcing digital transformation will ensure sufficient resources are available to deliver on the project’s objectives. Furthermore, the responsibility for ensuring those resources are in place moves to the outsourced provider, allowing you to get on with running your business.

2. Access to Expertise

You will also get access to highly valuable expertise and experience when you outsource digital transformation. Providing you select the right team, there will be engineers working on your project who have delivered similar solutions in the past. The right team will also have experience in the health sciences sector.

3. Full Range of Capabilities

The full range of capabilities you will have access to by outsourcing cannot be understated. After all, you may be able to resource-up in-house for the main skills required to complete a particular project, but you are unlikely to get all the skills you need.

When you outsource, you have immediate access to people with the skills, training, knowledge, and experience required to progress the project and implement it successfully.

4. Reduce Risk

When you undertake a digital transformation project in-house, you are responsible for all the risks involved. This fact is even more pertinent if the project involves technologies or solutions your team is not familiar with.

By outsourcing, you share the risks, plus the outsourced team will have experience of similar projects and the challenges those projects face.

So, not only can you share the risk, but you will also reduce risks associated with the project.

5. Faster Project Completion Times

An experienced outsourced team will have a knowledgebase in addition to experience, both of which can be used to ensure your project is delivered as efficiently as possible. This cuts project completion times and minimises delays.

6. Flexibility

You have more flexibility when you outsource digital transformation projects compared to completing them in-house. More specifically, with an outsourced partner, you can proceed with digital transformation in stages according to the requirements of your business, including your budget.

7. Scalability

Outsourcing also makes it easier to scale up or down the pace of digital transformation and your facility’s progress.

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