Top Tips for Engineers When Relocating to Ireland

The growing economy and the fact industries are expanding in a range of sectors are just some of the reasons for moving back to Ireland, wherever you choose to move to.

How do you make sure the process of relocating to Ireland goes smoothly? Here are our top tips.

1. Find the Right Job

The nature of the jobs market at the moment means it is possible to have a job already lined up before you move. This means you should start the relocation process by first finding the right job.

If you’re a Control Systems Engineer, Validation Engineer, Software Engineer, or Automation Engineer, you should check out opportunities at SL Controls on our careers page for current list of vacancies.

2. Check the Relocation Package on Offer

As you narrow in on a job opportunity, you should check first that there is a relocation package on offer and, second, what that relocation package entails. At SL Controls, for example, we offer relocation packages to new employees moving to Ireland to one of our regional offices, depending on circumstances.

3. Consider the Whole Offering

When considering any job, it’s important to look at the whole offering, not just the salary. It’s even important to look beyond the benefits package on offer by the employer to consider things like quality of life, cost of living, and work-life balance.

4. Find Out About the Company

When relocating to a different country, it’s also important to find out as much about the company as you can. This means going further than learning about their products, services, and customers, though.

Learning more about your career prospects in the new company and the opportunities that exist for professional development are also important.

5. Discuss the Move with Your Family

This is especially important if you have a partner and children who will be coming with you. Some of the big considerations you’ll need to discuss include whether your partner and children will like the new location, check out schools, colleges and local amenities.

6. Stay Organised

Finally, stay as organised as possible throughout the process as moving to another country or different region of Ireland is a big undertaking.

Staying organised involves properly budgeting for the move and planning as much as you can, as far in advance as you can, as possible.