SL Controls Launches Staff Upcycle Challenge

As part of our new Environmental Awareness campaign, SL Controls has launched an Upcycle Challenge for our staff. The aim is to get everyone on the team thinking creatively about how they can reuse rather than throwing away.

The Environmental Awareness campaign will run throughout March in all of SL Controls offices across the country. The campaign includes informational bulletins and posters on key environmental issues, such as the best ways to recycle.

The Upcycle Challenge runs throughout March and has first, second, and third-place prizes. Staff members need to find something old that is no longer needed or wanted and turn it into something new and useful, taking before and after photos in the process.

Emer Feeney, HR Manager at SL Controls, said: “The Environmental Awareness campaign and fun upcycle challenge are part of our Live Well at SL initiative. It aims to help our employees live and work in ways that are healthy and good for personal wellbeing. We believe a crucial element of this is protecting the environment.”

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