World Mental Health Day 2023

Promoting Good Workplace Mental Health on World Mental Health Day 2023

As this is World Mental Health Day 2023, we are taking the opportunity to promote good workplace mental health across SL Controls. This includes issuing an updated Mental Health and Wellbeing policy to all employees that includes expanded information on the supports the company makes available to individuals and managers in relation to mental health difficulties and illnesses.

We have also launched two new posters as part of our Think Well at SL initiative. The Think Well at SL initiative is a programme that ensures there is a continuing emphasis on mental health awareness in the workplace as well as providing our employees with advice, information, and practical support.

The two new posters have been sent to employees and are available on our intranet. The first encourages employees to talk if they are worried about their mental health. The second provides advice on what to do if an employee is concerned about a colleague’s mental health.

Improving Knowledge and Raising Awareness

We have also given our employees details of free webinars offered by our health insurance partner, Laya Healthcare. The webinars are running throughout the day on a range of mental health topics.

Shauna Ryan, Director of People and Culture at SL Controls, said: “The theme for World Mental Health Day this year is ‘mental health is a universal human right’. This is something we firmly support at SL Controls, and we are proud to unite behind the initiative.

“Promoting good mental health in the workplace is as important to us as promoting good physical health. We have initiatives that encompass both priorities – Live Well at SL to focus on physical health and Think Well at SL to focus on mental health. Both initiatives, as well as our Mental Health and Wellbeing policy, are well established, but it is always important to revisit them and ensure they are regularly promoted across the company. World Mental Health Day is an ideal opportunity to do that.”