SL Controls Staff Attend First Aid Training Course

SL Controls Staff Attend First Aid Training Course

A number of SL Controls staff attended a first-aid training course over the summer. The training days took place at our Sligo and Limerick facilities, and they were well attended by a broad section of the team.

Senior Systems Engineer Conor Davey was one of the organisers of the training. He said: “I was happy to set up the training course because of the stories I have heard personally, including a friend who was able to help another person who was choking. My friend knew the Heimlich manoeuvre so was able to make a real difference in that situation.

“Logistically it was a bit of an issue, but we found a single supplier, Safetech, who was able to do in-office training sessions at both our locations on the same day. We could have done it online, but we thought in-person training would be much better for the staff involved.

“A large part of the training session involved learning how to use a defibrillator, so it was really valuable. We covered what to do if you find someone in an unresponsive state or not feeling well and the situations you should call an ambulance. We also learned about the different numbers you can ring which I don’t think many people know about.

“We also covered CPR, allergies, and what to do if someone is choking, including how to deal with all these situations with people of various ages.”

Systems Architect Volker Winhausen also helped organise the training. He said the technology aspect was particularly informative: “We covered the functionality on modern iPhones and Android phones that lets you enter medical information that can be accessed by paramedics and others in emergency situations. Things like medications you are on, things you are allergic to, conditions you have, and your emergency contacts. I think the more people who know about this common feature on our mobile phones, the better.

“We also went through the What3Words app. It is an app that you can put on your phone that has the world sectioned into grids. So, instead of needing to know your address or Eircode in emergency situations, you can give the emergency services the three words from the app on your phone, and they can then use those words to locate you.”

Conor added the feedback from the training was very positive.

He said: “All the feedback we have received was that the training was interactive, enjoyable, and informative. It also gave individuals a chance to ask questions. It was also the fact that we were able to run through emergency situations in the controlled environment of the training session to help us know what to expect if we ever encounter a similar situation.

“All in all, it was a very worthwhile exercise, so we are looking at running further sessions for interested members of the SL team in the future.”