Dynamic Learning Week - CPD at SL Controls

Dynamic Learning Week – CPD at SL Controls

This week is Dynamic Learning Week at SL Controls. Dynamic Learning is our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) initiative where we support our employees as they enhance their skills. The aim is to foster a learning culture that is dynamic, pushes boundaries, and facilitates innovation.

During Dynamic Learning Week, we are hosting a series of events to ensure all employees are aware of the CPD opportunities and support that is available. We will be sharing information to encourage employees to decide on the learning path they want to follow and that aligns with the needs of the business.

Shauna Ryan, Director of People and Culture at SL Controls, said: “The knowledge and skills of our people are what sets us apart from our competition and helps us build long-lasting relationships with our clients in the medical device, pharmaceutical, and technology sectors.

“However, we also work in an industry that is incredibly fast-moving, with rapidly evolving technologies and new innovations around every corner. The ability of our people to upskill and continuously learn, from junior levels up to and including our CEO, has been essential to our success and will continue to be essential in the future.

“Our Dynamic Learning programme is a high priority for us as a company, so we plan to make the most of the coming week. I would like to see everyone in the company take advantage of the CPD opportunities, resources, and support that are available.”