SL Controls Celebrates Diversity Week

The World Cup gets underway this week, so we decided to celebrate SL Controls Diversity Week. While SL Controls doesn’t have as many nationalities as teams in the World Cup, we do have people from 12 different countries working for us.

SL Controls Diversity Week is the ideal opportunity to celebrate and learn about the different cultures of the members of our team.

Colleagues have posted updates to their personal profiles on the SL Controls’ intranet describing the traditions and culture of where they are from. Our field engineers have also posted details of their favourite destinations, and we are running an Around the World Quiz.

Then, on 14 June, the day the World Cup kicks off, SL Controls’ staff will wear their country or county colours/jersey to work. Like many other workplaces, we are also doing a World Cup sweepstakes, so people can choose to wear the colours of their country in the sweepstake if they prefer.

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