SL Controls at the Forefront of “Silicon Sligo”

SL Controls continuing to expand and grow. Tech companies in Sligo collectively announcing hundreds of new jobs in the first five months of this year alone. Specialist companies involved in the MedTech industry based in the North West of Ireland coming together to launch the Atlantic MedTech Cluster last month.

These are just some examples of recent tech industry news from Sligo over the last few months, with all of it positive for the region. As for us at SL Controls, we are proud to be part of the expanding tech industry in the area.


The term “Silicon Sligo” got an airing nationally at the weekend when it was mentioned in the Sunday Independent. The story covered the TechLifeBalance event which took place at The Building Block last week.

It was organised by Sligo’s IDA office and included US companies Overstock, LiveTiles, Pramerica, and E3 Retail.

In fact, Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock, flew in specially for the event. Overstock is an internet retailer in the US and is worth €2bn. It has a software development operation in Sligo.

SL Controls at the Forefront of Slicon Sligo - Patrick Byrne

SL Controls at the Forefront

SL Controls was the only local company to sit alongside the US firms as a speaker at the event, with Darragh McMorrow, Commercial Director at SL Controls, describing the benefits of working in the tech industry in Sligo.

SL Controls at the Forefront of Slicon Sligo - Panel

“A huge part of the appeal is the lifestyle we have here in Sligo,” Darragh said. “There are really good high-tech jobs available that have competitive salaries. Those jobs are in fast-growing and exciting companies, so offer real opportunities for candidates.

“Then there is the low cost of living too, and the easy access we have to recreational and leisure pursuits, from the beach to the golf course and everything between. It is not surprising Sligo is becoming a hub for tech companies in Ireland.”

Video above – Darragh explaining what SL Controls does during his presentation at the TechLifeBalance event (video taken from Facebook Live stream)

Is the name Silicon Sligo accurate, though?

“Names and monikers don’t create jobs, win contracts, or generate profits,” said Darragh. “That said, Sligo isn’t a place where there are a couple of tech companies. Rather, there is a strong and significant cluster of foreign-based and locally owned companies that are making a real impression here in Ireland and abroad. Many of these companies are expanding their operations too, so there is a real buzz in the Sligo region at the moment, something which is good to see.

“Of course, the attraction of the area cannot be underestimated either. At SL Controls, we have long recognised the importance of work-life balance. People just don’t want to be involved in the corporate rat race anymore with all it entails – high levels of stress, long commutes to work, traffic, high costs of living in some of the other regional cities within Ireland.

“Sligo offers something different and really is on the tech industry map now. Being in the middle of it with SL Controls is both interesting and exciting.”

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