Mental Health First Aid Awareness Training Providing to SL Controls Team

Mental Health First Aid Awareness Training Provided to SL Controls Team

Are you able to recognise the signs and symptoms of common mental health problems? Would you know how to engage in a conversation with a colleague, family member, or friend you are concerned about?

These were some of the topics covered in a recent Lunch & Learn session at SL Controls. Lunch & Learn is an initiative in the company where we provide short and highly focused information sessions to all staff on a wide range of topics.

The topic of this Lunch & Learn session was Mental Health Awareness. It was hosted by a specialist trainer from Mental Health First Aid. The session itself was very well attended and it was recorded for those who weren’t able to join.

Shauna Ryan, Director of People and Culture at SL Controls, said: “Mental health problems can arise in any setting, including in the workplace. At SL Controls, we have a Think Well at SL programme that promotes good mental health in the workplace, and one of our Sustainable Development Goals is to promote good health and wellbeing.

“The Mental Health Awareness Lunch & Learn session was such a valuable experience. I have talked to others who attended, and they are of the same opinion.

“A lot of discussion around mental health is about looking at yourself, something which is absolutely essential. We all need to look after our own mental health. But there are also times when we need help, and that is what this Lunch & Learn session was about – recognising when someone you know is showing symptoms of a mental health problem and what you can do to help.”

The Mental Health Awareness session aimed to enhance understanding of mental health, the stigma that still exists around mental health issues, and how stigma impacts help-seeking. It also provides information on recognising the symptoms and signs of mental health problems and triggers, as well as recognising the barriers to help-seeking.

Advice was provided on how to engage in conversations around mental health and identify the support that is available, both internally and externally.

Deirdre Loughlin, Quality & Marketing Executive, said: “Everyone in Ireland has been impacted by mental health problems in some way, whether it’s personally, through someone you know, or both. There is less of a stigma now about mental health issues, but it still exists, and that has to change.

“It is also great to have a better awareness of the triggers and signs of mental health issues to make us better equipped to help our colleagues, family, and friends.”