SL Controls 2022 Christmas Dinners

2022 Christmas Gatherings at SL Controls

The first in-person Christmas gatherings at SL Controls took place over the weekend as staff at our regional offices got together for a night out ahead of the seasonal break.

Over 70 people attended the get-togethers which took place in Sligo, Galway, Limerick, and Maynooth.

Shauna Ryan, Director of People and Culture from SL Controls said: “It was an interesting experience over the past couple of years going to Christmas parties virtually where you sit in your living room wearing a Santa hat, looking at a laptop screen. They were great at the time, and they certainly served their purpose, but it was fantastic that we could all get together again in person.

“Everybody works so hard throughout the year, so it is important that we enjoy some non-work experiences as a team.”