Infographic – The Four Pillars of Successful Project Delivery

Infographic - The Four Pillars of Successful Project Delivery


At SL Controls, we describe the four pillars of successful project delivery as QUAD:

  • Q – Quality
  • U – Utilise
  • A – Accomplish
  • D – Design

Quality – The Assurance of a Successful Project

  • Change management
  • Risk management
  • Document control
  • Continuous

Utilise – Enabling a Successful Project

  • Resource acquisition
  • Resource retention
  • Resource upskilling
  • Resource allocation

Accomplish – Executing a Successful Project

  • Safety
  • Validate
  • Execute
  • Communicate

Design – The Prerequisite to a Successful Project

  • Scope
  • Review
  • Research
  • Create

Mick McHale

Mick McHale is SL Controls' Projects Director. He has over 15 years' experience in project management and engineering design. His areas of expertise include managing complex systems automation projects and bringing them to successful completion in a range of industries including pharmaceutical, medical device, and food and beverage manufacturing. He also has expertise in process and front-end design.

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