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A Look Back at Live Well at SL 2017

SL Controls is committed to a working environment that promotes healthy living, physically and mentally. So, on Monday 13 March 2017, we launched our new health and well-being programme called Live Well at SL.

As part of the launch, we distributed a calendar of events around all offices outlining the initiatives and activities for 2017. Employees also received healthy lunches as well as Live Well at SL water bottles to ensure they stay hydrated during work. Below you can see a summary of the 2017 Live Well at SL programme.


We kicked off our Live Well at SL programme with a healthy eating initiative. Employees were encouraged to Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day by including more green foods in their diets. The benefits of the foods were distributed via email. To promote this campaign, employees took part in our Paddy Who Quiz where they had to identify the famous Paddy! Shane McLaughlin was named the winner and was presented with a Dunnes Stores voucher to stock up on some healthy foods.

Live Well at SL March 2017

Next on the calendar was Ireland’s National Workplace Wellbeing Day which took place on 31 March. SL Controls participated by delivering healthy hampers with fruit, smoothies, cereal bars, and nuts to each office. Employees also took part in a Lunchtime Mile.

Live Well at SL March 2017 2

Live Well at SL March 2017 3


SL Controls celebrated Easter with our Office Egg and Spoon Race. Employees lined up outside for a competitive race of speed and balance. 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners received Easter Eggs.

Live Well at SL April 2017 2

To promote work-life balance, we ran our Kids Easter Colouring Competition and we received a huge amount of entries. Each participant received an Easter goodie bag for their masterpiece!

Live Well at SL April 2017

Finally, for those employees who were on client sites or travelling, we ran an Easter Caption Contest. Who knew we had so many poetic geniuses in SL!

Live Well at SL April 2017 a

Live Well at SL April 2017 3


On 6 May people all over the world took part in Pieta House’s annual fundraiser- Darkness into Light. This year SL Controls supported the event by promoting employee participation at their local venues. SL Controls matched the total registration fees paid by employees and donated the same amount to Pieta House. €600 was raised for Pieta House in total.

Live Well at SL May 2017


On Thursday 27 July SL Controls crowned Niall Martin from our Galway office as the Inter Office Hula Hoop Champion 2017. Niall smashed the other competitors with an impressive time of 17 seconds! Each office got their hips moving and took part in the Live Well at SL competition at lunchtime. The aim was to keep the hula hoop rotating on your hips for the longest time. The winner from each location was then recorded for Yammer so we had video evidence of the times!

Live Well at SL July 2017

Live Well at SL July 2017 b

Live Well at SL July 2017 c

Live Well at SL July 2017 d


On Friday 11 August, the Sligo office left HQ and headed to Knocknarea to complete the SL Controls Picture on the Peak Challenge. The weather conditions could have been better but the wind and rain didn’t stop us getting to the top! Along with climbing the mountain, the second part of the challenge was to take a picture on the top which we shared with the other offices via Yammer.

Live Well at SL August 2017


SL Controls signed up for the 2017 Hospice Coffee Morning in Limerick, Galway and Sligo. Employees gathered for their morning break to enjoy lots of delicious treats and coffee.

Live Well at SL September 2017 a

Friday 29 September was National Fitness Day and SL Controls signed up for the Relay Marathon Challenge. A team of 20 employees travelled to the UL race track in Limerick to compete against 16 other companies including Johnson and Johnson, Stryker, and Dell. SL Controls fielded a brilliant team and put in a very impressive performance. We completed the Marathon in 2 hrs: 24 mins: 26 secs. We are already looking forward to next year’s race!

Live Well at SL September 2017 b

Live Well at SL September 2017 c

Live Well at SL September 2017 d

Live Well at SL September 2017 e

Live Well at SL September 2017 f

Live Well at SL September 2017 g


To celebrate Halloween, employees received a newsletter containing Healthy Halloween Tips.


SL Controls ran our own Movember Picture fundraiser to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society and raise awareness of Prostate Cancer.


12 Days of Fitness – we challenged staff to take part in a 12-day fitness workout. It is an accumulating workout so employees add on a different exercise each day.

Christmas Jumper Day – this took place on 15 December to raise money for the Simon Community.

Looking Forward to 2018

The Live Well at SL programme will continue in 2018 with some of the best initiatives of 2017 repeated again and new ones added. It all kicks off in January again, and we can’t wait!

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Christmas Jumper Day 2017

Employees across all office joined in the festive fun by wearing a Christmas Jumper to work in aid of the Simon Community on Friday last. There were posters and charity boxes in each office to support the charity. If you would like to make a donation to the Simon Community, click here

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SL Controls Christmas Party 2017

Check out the pics here from the SL Controls Christmas Party 2017. It was in the fabulous Tullamore Court Hotel. There was about 80 of us there, the Christmas dinner was great, and we danced well into the night.


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ECubers, the OEE Games, and Producing the Next Generation of Engineers

Ireland needs more young people to pursue a career in engineering. At SL Controls, we want to encourage the best young talent to study engineering, obtain a qualification, and work on our team.

That’s why we launched the ECubers initiative and the OEE Games. It’s also why we reach out to transition year students and it’s why we provide scholarships to young people to fund their engineering degree.

Watch as CTO and SL Controls co-founder, Shane Loughlin, explains more.


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12 Days of Fitness Challenge

Keeping fit and healthy this Christmas – that’s what the SL Controls’ 12 Days of Fitness initiative is all about.

Just like the famous Christmas song, the 12 days of fitness is an accumulating challenge with a new exercise every day. The idea is to add this new exercise to the others each day finishing with 12 moves on the 12th day. The number of repetitions or the length of time you do the exercise increases each day too.

So, instead of 11 pipers piping, there are 11 lunges. Similarly, five gold rings becomes five star jumps and the partridge in a pear tree is a one-minute plank.

Day 1 – one-minute plank

Day 2 – two-minute wall squat

Day 3 – three-minute bridge

Day 4 – four burpees

Day 5 – five star jumps

Day 6 – six push ups

Day 7 – seven mountain climbers

Day 8 – eight squats

Day 9 – nine chair dips

Day 10 – 10 tuck jumps

Day 11 – 11 lunges

Day 12 – 12 crunches

The 12 days of Fitness at SL Controls is a great way to start New Year fitness resolutions early!

It is part of the Live Well at SL programme which includes a number of initiatives each month that help and encourage employees to live healthy lives. This runs in conjunction with our Think Well at SL programme which is focused on good mental health.

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Working With 7 of the Top 10 Pharma/Med Device Companies in the World

The pharmaceutical, bio pharmaceutical and medical device industries in Ireland continue to grow strongly, and SL Controls is proud of the role it plays in these sectors. In fact, we now work with seven of the top 10 pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing companies in the world.

These industries are a huge driver of economic growth across the country. According to IDA Ireland, the pharmaceutical industry is Ireland’s 7th largest exporter with annual exports totaling €39 billion. Around 75 pharmaceutical companies operate in Ireland and there are 40 FDA (the Food and Drug Administration in the US) approved pharma and bio-pharma plants.

At SL Controls, we work with a number of Ireland’s pharmaceutical companies as well as companies in the medical device and food and beverage industries. The fact we now count as clients seven of the top 10 pharmaceutical and medical device companies in the world is a significant milestone in our growth.

“Every one of the top 10 pharmaceutical and medical device companies in the world has a presence in Ireland and we currently work with seven of them providing controls ,validation and automation solutions,” said Darragh McMorrow, Commercial Director at SL Controls. “It’s an achievement we are proud of.”

“We continue to grow every year too, including in 2017. This year we have become an approved supplier for a number of additional end-user clients and are in the process of getting approval from several more.”

“It is an exciting time for many of the industries we provide solutions to, and we fully expect 2018 to be another growth year as we expand through our regional offices, add new suites of products to our offering, and grow our client base.”

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Engineers from a Diverse Range of Backgrounds

Volker Winhausen

SL Controls has expanded significantly in recent years, increasing the number of engineers on our team. This expansion was essential and enables us to continue delivering high-quality services to our growing list of clients.

Every engineer working for us across all of our offices around the country, has a different background.

There are essential skills and competencies we require, of course, as we are a high-tech company delivering industry-leading solutions. That said, there is no single route into any engineering discipline even one as specialised as controls system or Automation Engineering.

To outline this, we have profiled two of our employees. Jacob Mussler is originally from the US and his path to a position as an SL Controls Controls System Engineer has passed through an archaeology degree, the US military, and working in a potash mine – read Jacob’s story now.

Volker Winhausen followed a very different path. He came to SL Controls after leaving the Abu Dhabi operation of one of the largest engineering corporations in the world – the Swiss multinational ABB. You can read Volker’s story here.

Each person on our team brings a different perspective as well as experience and knowledge that enriches the culture and helps SL Controls achieve its increasingly ambitious goals.

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Fundraising with a “Who’s Moustache?” Picture Competition

Identify the man or male cartoon character just by looking at a picture of his moustache – that was the challenge SL Controls set for its employees this November – or Movember.

It was a picture competition, but one with a difference – instead of there being a winner and a prize, all correct entries triggered a donation by the company to the Irish Cancer Society.

Across the company, 38 SL Controls’ employees got all the answers right in the quiz resulting in a donation of €152 to the Irish Cancer Society. This money will help fund prostate cancer research as well as delivering services to people with prostate cancer and their families.

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Engineers Compete in Three-Legged Race to Promote Good Mental Health

As part of SL Controls Think Well at SL programme, the offices recently took part in a three-legged race to Stomp Out Stigma.

We launched the Think Well at SL Programme last month on World Mental Health Day. It involves several initiatives that promote good workplace mental health.

The latest of these initiatives was the three-legged race which took place on 3 November. It was a light-hearted and fun event that had a very important message. The theme of the race focused on the fact that everyone needs a helping hand now and again. So, we encouraged employees to pair up with a co-worker to complete the race.

It was a small but significant challenge because it required our employees to work together and communicate to get to the finish line.

Workplaces are a key setting in which to promote positive mental health. At SL Controls, we want to create an open culture for the discussion of mental health issues. It is important all employees feel they can rely on and talk openly with their co-workers.

The three-legged race was also a chance to switch off, get some fresh air, and enjoy some physical activity. It definitely boosted everyone’s mood for the day!

The winners received sweet treats to enjoy with their teams.

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