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SL Controls take the pledge to become a See Change workplace

The workplace has been identified as a key setting for mental health stigma reduction activities.  Recent research conducted by Dept. of Health and See Change found that almost half of Irish people would deliberately conceal a mental health problem from co-workers. 47% surveyed believed that being open would have a negative impact on a person’s relationship with colleagues.

SL Controls are committed creating an open culture around mental health. To help us do this we are currently participating in See Change’s six step Workplace Pledge.

Prior to signing the See Change workplace pledge, we created an action plan to achieve the six steps of the programme. Below are some of the steps we have taken so far as part of the pledge:

  1. Training workshops:

Our management team received the See Change Mental Health in the Workplace training. They found the training helpful and are now better educated and equipped to start the conversation about mental health with their teams. The workshops are fully funded by the National Office for Suicide Prevention.

  1. Mental Health in the Workplace Survey

We asked our employees their opinion about mental health in the workplace and we received feedback about the support our employees would like to see implemented. They also told us about things important to them to maintain positive mental health. The results of the survey helped us to shape our in-house mental health programme – Think Well at SL

  1. Policy implementation:

We created a mental health policy which outlines our commitment and responsibilities as an employer using a template from See Change.

  1. Mental Health Programme:

On World Mental Health day last October, we launched Think Well at SL. This involved a 3-legged Race to Stomp Out Stigma, a Be Kind to Your Mind poster campaign, Compliment a Colleague Week, and the delivery of mindfulness cubes to all offices. We also highlighted our Employee Assistance Programme by sending out videos and posters.

Still to Come

  • The next step is to introduce Think Well Champions in the workplace who will receive training on mental health. This will give employees another support to turn to when at work that is outside of management. Employees may feel more comfortable speaking with someone who they know has volunteered for the role, received training, and can provide them with information.
  • We will be taking part in Green Ribbon month, Darkness into Light, and World Mental Health Day.
  • We have a Wellness Webinar scheduled for our employees.

Overall, we have found See Change to be a great support in helping us to reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with mental health problems. We encourage other organisations to take the See Change Workplace Pledge.

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Sharing the Love at SL Controls

Valentine’s Day is a day of romance. At SL Controls, we want to extend the sharing of love further so are using today to launch a new campaign to support local charities and good causes.

We have teamed up with to give our employees, their family, and friends a say in the charity SL Controls will focus on. That focus includes financial support, promotional activities of the charity’s work, and practical support where applicable.

Each quarter, we will select three good causes that work in the same local area as one of our regional offices. Each of the organisations will be involved in one of the following:

  • Education
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Community

The regional office this quarter is Sligo, so the organisations on the shortlist are:

  • Havin’ a Laugh – an organisation that arranges an annual festival focused on mental health, showcasing the adventure and wellness activities available in Sligo and the surrounding area
  • Carraroe National School – to purchase a new football net for the playground at the school
  • Sligo Social Services – to help homeless people in Sligo as well as to help provide hot meals to elderly Sligo residents

You can vote here: Make sure you share the campaign too.

Look out for the campaign next quarter too where the focus will be on organisations in Galway.

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SL Controls Launches TOTALline to Improve Production Line Efficiency and Traceability

SL Controls has launched its new suite of products, TOTALline. The launch took place at the National Manufacturing and Supply Chain conference in Dublin today. Read the product launch press release below.

Press release:

An Irish engineering firm has developed cost-saving software that vastly improves production line efficiency and traceability

  • One million engineering hours spent and €1m invested in developing new software suite
  • TOTALline launched today by SL Controls at the National Manufacturing Conference & Exhibition
  • Product streamlines production line management and integrates data collection across multiple sites and machines

New software developed by Irish engineering firm, SL Controls, is set to change the face — and more importantly efficiency — of manufacturing.

Over the past 11 years, SL Controls has dedicated one million engineering hours to the industry and, as a result of this experience, has developed the TOTALline product — a software suite that streamlines time-consuming and resource-draining production line management.

The company has invested in excess of €1m into developing TOTALline.

SL Controls is a leader in the integration and validation of software systems into manufacturing and process equipment, working with world-leading brands in the Pharma, Medical Device, Healthcare and Food & Beverage sectors. The specialist software integration firm has five offices in Sligo, Dublin, Galway, Limerick and Birmingham.

TOTALline is a suite of fully customisable software products that integrates and automates multiple production line functions, as well as data collection and reporting and traceability. This off-the-shelf product is highly-configurable, flexible, secure and fully compliant.

The smooth performance of a factory production line is a critical component in the success of thousands of indigenous and multi-national companies in Ireland and abroad. But many aspects are highly laborious, prone to human error and exceptionally time consuming.

Some companies — especially in the highly-regulated areas of pharmaceuticals and medical device production — devote thousands of man hours to manually log data and oversee key processes such as batch control, batch changeovers, and traceability.

TOTALline is a software product that integrates all these functions into a single, touch-of-a-button package. This off-the-shelf software is easily configured into existing machines across multiple technology platforms.

Instead of losing out on valuable production time that hits the bottom line, the new TOTALline solution gives businesses an easy to use, fully-compliant and secure way to significantly improve the performance of the production line and data management.

Once installed, TOTALline reduces batch changeover times from hours to minutes through automation which in turn frees up essential manpower and equipment. It also slashes man hours devoted to manual record-keeping and storage.

The software comes with powerful analytics and reporting capability including email notification features such as emails confirming batch completions and automated record-keeping.

Set to have a huge impact on the manufacturing industry, TOTALline was officially launched today (January 31) at the National Manufacturing Conference & Exhibition at CityWest Convention Centre. It was developed by a team within SL Controls, headed by Technical Director Paul Clarke and Business Development Manager Shane McLaughlin.

TOTALline press release

Shane McLaughlin, SL Controls Business Development Manager, said:

“We developed the product over the last 11 years after working with and listening to our clients and seeing what their needs were. Although we are officially launching TOTALline today, we have already started integrating the solution for some of our existing clients and it has been working extremely well, providing significant cost savings and improving their overall manufacturing efficiencies. It is working particularly well for our clients in highly-regulated industries such as pharma and medical devices.”

TOTALline has three main products:

  • TOTALbatch. Manual batch control is laborious, prone to error and time-consuming. TOTALbatch handles the issuing and tracking of every batch; giving you full traceability at your fingertips. It was developed to achieve the production, compliance, and performance standards required in the pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing industries. It is an off-the-shelf product that can be implemented quickly.
  • TOTALdata. Existing manual processes are inefficient. TOTALdata works across multiple sites and multiple machines, to allow efficient analysis of operations and enable performance improving decisions. It is also web-based so users can access data from any piece of equipment anywhere in the world safely, securely, and in a fully compliant way.
  • TOTALsolution. TOTALsolution product allows you to completely customise the solution to match your business needs; a full access package that includes batch and data management tools.
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Improve OEE by to 20% – Let Us Show You How

OEE is crucial to your operations. If you’re improving it, you’re moving in the right direction. If it is slipping backwards you must immediately address the issues.

What if we could improve OEE in your production line by up to 20 percent?

Improve OEE by to 20% - Let Us Show You How

It’s a big claim, but we’re launching a product tomorrow that does just that. Here’s where the launch is taking place, and you’re invited:

Make sure you come along to chat with us at the conference. By then we’ll have launched the product and can give you all the details. Find out more now.

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Final Operation Transformation Push

It is the final week of the Operation Transformation initiative at SL Controls. Throughout January, employees from all our offices have engaged in activities to promote workplace physical and mental health. This included everything from walking a mile at lunchtime to setting personal goals at the start of every week.

Part of the initiative was also to promote the benefits of healthy eating. Employees were even encouraged to share recipes of their favourite healthy packed lunch.

After all, eating healthily is good for your body and your mind. For example, healthy eating can help you stay focused and help you maintain a healthy weight. Mental Health Ireland also says diet can influence several mental health conditions.

So, the SL Controls team has started 2018 on a healthy footing. The challenge now is to keep it up throughout the year.

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Your Invitation to the SL Controls Product Launch

SL Controls is launching a new product that will dramatically improve production lines in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and food and beverage industries. The launch is one of the flagship events of the National Manufacturing Exhibition taking place on 31 January.

The National Manufacturing and Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition is the largest event of its kind in Ireland for companies involved in manufacturing. Leading companies as well as government agencies, academics, and more will all be in attendance.

The event takes place at the Citywest Convention Centre in County Dublin.

“This is the ideal event for us to use to launch our new product,” said Shane Mc Laughlin, Ireland’s Business Development Manager at SL Controls. “We’re not giving away too many details about it yet, but the focus on improving the way production lines use data as well as automating crucial processes makes it highly relevant to manufacturing industries, particularly given the current push towards Industry 4.0 technologies.”

Your Invitation

SL Controls Product Launch National Manufacturing Conference

Come and see us at the National Manufacturing Exhibition to find out more about the new product we are launching. Check out our launch announcement page for more details of how the product will benefit your business.

In addition, you can book a slot to speak to a member of our team to save you time on the day. Click here to find out more.

We’ll be at stand P03 at the exhibition and hope to see you there.

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Operation – Mental Health – Transformation

SL Controls is currently in the middle of an Operation Transformation initiative. Based on the television programme of the same name, it is about encouraging and helping employees to start 2018 in a healthy way.

Much of the focus of healthy living initiatives like this is about physical health, i.e. eating healthy foods and leading an active lifestyle. These are undeniably important, but physical health is only one part of your overall health and wellbeing. Good mental health is also crucially important.

That’s why we included a mental health element to the SL Controls Operation Transformation initiative.

Being Grateful

The first element is about being grateful. This is because an attitude of gratitude is a good way of improving mental health.

Being grateful is about changing the focus from things that are out of our control but which we all like to complain about. Instead of doing that, we change the focus by being grateful for things that we do have in our lives as well as the things we have been able to achieve.

When we focus on what really matters and are grateful for them, we can lower stress levels and become more self-aware.

Therefore, as part of Operation Transformation, we encourage our employees to list things every week they are grateful for.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is also a key part of the SL Controls’ Operation Transformation initiative. This element involves writing down a weekly goal at the start of every week.

Goal setting is about ensuring there is a focus on what you want to achieve in the week ahead. When you write down goals in this way, you are less likely to become distracted by things that are a lower priority, or which are not as important.

In addition, setting goals gives you more control over your future, and it provides you with the motivation you need to achieve. You will also feel a greater sense of personal satisfaction once you do achieve the goal knowing the focus and effort you put in to make it happen.

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Transforming Blue Monday into Something Positive

Today is Blue Monday, otherwise known as the most depressing day of the year. It’s a time when all the Christmas and New Year festivities have worn off and we’re left with stretched bank accounts, the effects of holiday indulgences on our waistlines, overcast weather, and being firmly back in the daily work routine.

At SL Controls, we are currently one week into our Operation Transformation initiative. Like the TV programme of the same name, it is about encouraging everyone in the company to live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Today, we’re focussing on tackling Blue Monday head-on. At the top of our list of recommendations is exercising at lunch.

Exercise at Lunch

One of the Operation Transformation initiatives that can help deal with Blue Monday is exercising at lunch. Our employees can do this by taking part in the SL Controls’ Lunchtime Mile Challenge. After all, exercising at lunch boosts your mood and energy levels. It helps you feel invigorated and focused, so you can avoid the midday slump.

Exercising at lunch is particularly important for employees who sit for long periods of time as it gives them an opportunity to get up and moving throughout the day.

Here’s why exercising at lunchtime is important:

  • Exercising increases blood flow and oxygen levels which helps concentration in work and improves problem-solving abilities
  • Getting some fresh air and stepping away from the office can reduce stress and give a fresh perspective on work challenges
  • It is a good way to get to know colleagues or have a catch up on the walk.

Other Blue Monday Tips

Our Operation Transformation initiative also includes a Toolkit that has a gratitude and goal setting journal. With this in mind, here are some tips we are giving to employees to help them beat Blue Monday:

  • Give yourself a new goal. For example, try out a new recipe, start a new book, watch a new film, or meet a friend for a catch up this week.
  • Book a weekend break or event, i.e. something to look forward to.
  • Don’t live for the weekends – find something you love to do and do it on a weeknight.
  • For those waiting on payday, pick something that you will treat yourself to when the money hits your account!

Taking actions like this are the best ways of transforming Blue Monday into something positive.

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Operation Transformation at SL Controls

January is a time when many people embark on living a healthier lifestyle. At SL Controls, employees can do this by joining in with the company’s Operation Transformation challenge.

The initiative from SL Controls is about encouraging employees to:

  • Take part in physical activity
  • Eat healthily
  • Take care of their mental health.

“We took inspiration for the initiative from the popular RTE TV programme,” said Emer Feeney from SL Controls. “Operation Transformation is our first Live Well at SL and Think Well at SL initiative for 2018 and is part of our commitment to help employees be active and live healthy lives while at work.

“We have produced a toolkit for everyone taking part, there are organised activities like lunchtime mile walks, and there are competitions with prizes. So, it’s going to be fun as well, plus we’re adding a bit of a competitive edge to it.”

Prizes will be given to employees who:

  • Win a raffle of all employees who complete each lunchtime mile walk
  • Submit the best selfie from a local fitness event
  • Submit the best group selfie from a lunchtime walk
  • Have the highest record of physical activity
  • Share the most liked recipe
  • Share the most liked healthy lunch photo

Operation Transformation runs from 8 January to 4 February and employees from all SL Controls offices are encouraged to take part.

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