14 Reasons Why the SL Controls Galway Office Should be Your Next Engineering Career Move

Are you looking for your next engineering career move? Do you want to advance your career or take on a new challenge? Do you want to move out of Dublin for a better quality of life or do you want to return to Ireland after working abroad? Are you thinking of moving to Ireland? Here are 14 reasons why you should choose Galway and, specifically, the SL Controls Galway office.

At SL Controls, we provide automation, integration, controls, and validation solutions to the pharmaceutical, medical device, and food & beverage sectors. We have offices around Ireland as well as abroad. As many of our clients have a base in Galway, it is a key regional hub for SL Controls.

Why Galway?

1. Business Sector and Economy

Galway boasts a good range of strong Irish businesses and multinational companies. In addition, many of these companies are in cutting-edge and rapidly growing sectors. This includes the pharmaceutical, medical device, engineering, and IT sectors.

2. Food

Galway has a love affair with food and features some of the best restaurants in Ireland. There are also several food festivals in the city and surrounding area, as well as great cafes, pub food, street markets, and more.

3. Landscape and Beaches

The west of Ireland has some of the most stunning scenery anywhere in the world. You just have to look at the thriving tourism sector in the region to see just how popular it is. When you live and work in Galway, you will have these beautiful landscapes and fantastic beaches right on your doorstep.

4. Beautiful and Charming City

The city itself is beautiful too, with its traditional architecture, brilliant shops, and vibrant nightlife. Highlights include Kirwan’s Lane, The West End, and the Latin Quarter.

5. Plenty to Do

There is also plenty to do in Galway, from sports clubs to leisure activities to community organisations and more. Highlights include the Galway Races, the Galway Arts Festival, the Christmas Market, Salthill Prom, plus many cultural events. In fact, the city will be the European Capital of Culture in 2020.

6. Good Transport Links

Galway is less than an hour from Shannon Airport plus it has a good transport infrastructure, including the M4 motorway.

7. Lower Cost of Living Than in Dublin

Housing in particular is considerably more affordable in Galway than in Dublin.

8. Quality of Life

All the above points combine to provide a better quality of life than other parts of Ireland, including Dublin or Cork. Plus, you don’t need to sacrifice or compromise on any of your career ambitions by living and working in Galway as you can have both – a great quality of life and a career that reaches its full potential.

Why SL Controls?

9. Expanding

SL Controls is growing, and the Galway office is a key part of that growth. The company also has ambitious plans for the future, not least because we are at the cutting edge of Industry 4.0 and Factory Automation technologies.

10. Opportunities

The growth mentioned above creates significant opportunities for engineers in SL Controls. In addition, the methodology we use to deliver client projects also gives you access to opportunities. In other words, you will not be pigeonholed at SL Controls. In fact, we have a formal and well-structured Pathways programme that will help you achieve your engineering career goals.

11. Clients

As mentioned above, our clients are in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and food & beverage industries, and they include some of the world’s leading corporations.

12. Projects

The projects we deliver for clients vary too, from small projects to major contracts. This offers our engineers the opportunity to get enhanced experience and to improve their skills.

13. Technologies

The technologies we work with are changing manufacturing forever and for the better. If you want to work at the cutting edge of automation, controls, and Industry 4.0, SL Controls is for you.

14. Team

Finally, the team in our Galway office is close-knit, positive, forward-thinking, and welcoming. That team includes automation, controls, and validation engineers as well as project managers.

So, are you tempted to find out more? Check out our engineering careers page to see the opportunities we currently have at the SL Controls Galway office.

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