Workplace Wellbeing Week 2023 at SL Controls

Workplace Wellbeing Week 2023 at SL Controls

This week is workplace wellbeing week at SL Controls. We have a series of events planned throughout the week, culminating on Friday 28 April, the official IBEC National Workplace Wellbeing Day.

According to IBEC, National Workplace Wellbeing Day is “Ireland’s biggest celebration of workplace health and wellbeing”.

Shauna Ryan, SL Controls Director of People and Culture, said: “We are proud to be signed up to IBEC’s promotional activities for workplace wellbeing, as good physical and mental health in the workplace is important to us at SL Controls.

“We have a range of activities planned throughout the week and we are encouraging all members of our team to get involved. Most of us work remotely for the majority of the working week at SL Controls, so a lot of the activities will be virtual. But we also have days during the month where we encourage employees to come into the office, and Friday is one of those days. There will be work to do, of course, but there will also be a focus on National Workplace Wellbeing Day and our own health and wellbeing initiatives and activities.”

Series of Workplace Wellbeing Activities

We have a range of activities planned throughout SL Controls Workplace Wellbeing Week. Some highlights include:

  • Lunchtime walks each day.
  • Focus on key topic areas each day, including mental wellbeing, heart health, and fitness.
  • Daily Lunch and Learn events on various health and wellbeing topics.

Keith Moran, CEO of SL Controls, said: “Promoting good health and wellbeing is one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals that we have committed to at SL Controls. Good workplace health and wellbeing has also been a focus for our company for many years, as we have well-established physical and mental health programmes – Live Well at SL and Think Well at SL.

“As a company, we believe a happy and healthy workforce is good for business and it helps to nurture a closeknit and supportive team environment.

“Like other businesses, it can get busy as we deliver projects for our clients. When that happens, it is easy to let our physical and mental health slip, whether it is working through lunch rather than taking time for a walk, or not talking to someone about increased feelings of stress.

“Therefore, it is important to continuously renew, refresh, and reiterate the importance of workplace wellbeing and the support, advice, and practical help that is available to members of our team. Our Workplace Wellbeing Week and IBEC’s National Workplace Wellbeing Day are ideal opportunities to do this.”