SL Controls Supports the Green Ribbon Campaign Again in 2019

The Green Ribbon Campaign is an annual initiative that aims to get people talking openly about mental health. It also highlights the challenges of dealing with the stigma that is too often associated with mental health issues.

The campaign runs throughout May and SL Controls is proud to support it once again this year.

We are offering this support in a number of ways.

Firstly, green ribbons have been distributed to all employees and we are encouraging our employees to wear the ribbons as a visual symbol for starting a conversation about mental health and to help end the stigma that still surrounds mental illness.

We are also actively reminding employees of our ‘Start the Conversation’ posters which are displayed in each of our office locations. These posters offer practical tips for approaching a colleague who may be suffering from a mental health problem. It’s not about providing answers but instead taking the time to listen and offer support.

We are simultaneously running a ‘Spring Into Summer’ photography competition to mark Green Ribbon Month. All members of staff are being encouraged to get outdoors and take pictures associated with nature. Spending time outdoors or bringing nature into your life has been proven to have many positive effects on a person’s mental wellbeing i.e. doing everything from gardening to exercising outside to spending time with animals.

Finally, there will be a 7-day Digital Detox Challenge for employees later in the month challenging employees to reduce the amount of time they spend on digital devices as constant exposure can be damaging to a person’s mental health.

We are optimistic that these initiatives will encourage positive and open conversation about mental health in our workplace.