SL Controls Named Top 20 Ignition Integrators Worldwide

SL Controls Named as a Top 20 Ignition Integrator Worldwide

Each month, Inductive Automation publishes the top integrators of its leading industrial automation platform, Ignition. For the period January to February 2024, SL Controls is 13th on the leaderboard out of more than 1,600 currently certified Ignition integrators.

SL Controls takes a customer-focused approach when recommending and selecting technology stacks, but the features, pricing structure, and overall flexibility of the Ignition platform means it is increasingly coming out on top.


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Frank Quinn, Digital Transformation Executive at SL Controls, said: “Being named as one of the top 20 Ignition integrators worldwide is something we are proud of at SL Controls, and it is a testament to the continued work of our team.

“As a company, we recognise the power of the Ignition platform and the immediate and long-term benefits it offers to industry, including customers in our specialist area of life sciences manufacturing.

“For life sciences manufacturers and other industries, the Ignition platform provides a powerful foundation for the development of fully bespoke, innovative, and intelligent solutions. Tangible results, such as the digitalisation of 50 percent of paper-based processes within six months, are achievable with rapid returns on investment.

“We will continue to invest in training for even more members of our team. Based on the current leaderboard, we are a top-3 Gold Certified Ignition integrator, and we also plan to achieve Premier integrator status by the end of Q1 2024.”