SL Controls’ Engineers Part of Crowdsourcing Initiative to Provide PPE to Healthcare Workers

SL Controls engineers are using their knowledge, experience, and personal spare time to help produce PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for Irish healthcare workers.

They are doing this as part of Engineers Ireland’s Covid-19 virtual factory crowdsourcing initiative. Using their own 3D printers, the engineers are printing reusable frames for protection visors.

Protection visor frame for Irish healthcare workers being 3D printed by SL Controls engineer


They are manufactured so that disposable visors can be attached and removed after use.

3D printed protection visor frame to used as PPE for Irish healthcare workers during the Covid-19 emergency


Production is in batches of 10 and the frames are manufactured from PETG, a material that is approved for medical use. The printed frames are then collected by a biker at the engineer’s front door for final assembly and dispatch to healthcare facilities.

Batch of 3D printed protection visor frames manufactured as part of Engineer Irelands Covid-19 virtual factory


Others with 3D printers in their homes can get involved too by visiting the link to the Engineers Ireland website below.