SL Controls Employees Get Mindful!

We launched the Think Well at SL programme earlier this month on World Mental Health day to promote good mental health in the workplace. We ran a number of initiatives to promote positive mental health within the organization including distributing Mindfulness Cubes to employees.

SL Controls Mindfulness Cubes

The purpose of the Mindfulness Cube is to help employees relax and find clarity of the mind. The repeated pattern of gripping and releasing the cube helps to alleviate tension and stress while focusing the mind on the present. Regular use of the cube can increase concentration and improve mental strength too.

In addition to the mental health benefits, the cubes can also strengthen muscles in the hand and wrist. This can, in turn, help prevent repetitive strain injuries that are often associated with typing on a keyboard and holding a mouse.

We are delighted with the overall design of the Mindfulness Cubes and we believe that our employees will benefit from using the cubes at work.