SL Controls Announces 100 New Highly Skilled Jobs in Ireland

SL Controls Announces 100 New Highly Skilled Jobs in Ireland

SL Controls is proud to announce the creation of 100 new highly skilled jobs in Ireland, helping us achieve our growth objectives and our plans for further expansion in target markets around the world.

The new jobs will bring the SL Controls workforce to a total of 220. The roles will be based in Ireland, but many of them will be location independent to meet the needs of our growing list of clients across the globe.

Keith Moran, SL Controls CEO, said: “Our turnover at SL Controls increased by 43 percent over the past three years and our projections for the next three years see our rate of growth increasing even further. This growth is creating new, highly skilled jobs at SL Controls that we will need to fill between now and mid-2025.

“We are a specialist software company that delivers solutions for companies in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors, but one of the great things about the people we plan to hire is that many of the skills we need can be transferred from other sectors. For example, we need software developers to join our team, so there are potential opportunities for people currently working in the technology sector.”

SL Controls is part of the global IT company, NNIT. NNIT has over 3,000 employees and offices in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Keith said: “Joining forces with NNIT has further enhanced our service offering to meet our customers’ global requirements for fully integrated solutions across the Operational Technology and Information Technology layers. This has led to an increase in both clients and the level of work across Ireland, the US, and Europe.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the SL Controls team who have enabled this strong growth and we look forward to welcoming new team members over the coming months.”