Meet the Team Blessing Nwachukwu

Meet the Team: Blessing Nwachukwu

1. Describe your job as if you were explaining it to a five-year-old.

I work with cool technologies and provide innovative solutions to problems!

I am a systems engineer and I work on new technologies and digital tools, including technologies related to augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality. I also work on automating workflows that provide the transition from manual workflow (paper) to automated and seamless workflows (digital).

2. What types of projects are you working on at the moment?

One of the projects I am working on is a digital Teams structure where Teams can have a structured way of following the lifecycle and assigned tasks of a project. I am also working on mixed reality tools like HoloLens and digital platforms to achieve a digitalised solution that increases competency and enables the remote support and maintenance of manufacturing equipment.

3. How did you get into the industry?

I always knew I wanted to study engineering while I was in secondary school. I had to stay focused and was determined to get into an engineering course in Romania where I studied marine engineering. I studied Mechatronics at the University of Limerick where I acquired my Masters degree. I then applied for so many jobs and got an interview with SL Controls.

My proudest achievement is how I have integrated well with a community outside of my home country of Nigeria. I have my church community here in Ireland, and they are very good people. I also have my work community which is an area where I can demonstrate creativity and innovation. It’s the freedom to be who I am and be able to demonstrate my competency and acquire new skills.

4. What’s the best advice you could give to someone thinking of coming into this industry?

You need to know for certain that engineering is what you want to do. You need to have passion and you need to trust yourself that you can achieve it. My message is don’t be scared, especially for females thinking it’s a male-dominated field. It is, but more females are also needed, and it is not a scary job. When you get to the start and reach the finish line, you will know you have done it successfully even if you were afraid at the beginning.

This sector is an interesting field that, if you have a passion for it, you will be able to explore the potential of what the industry can achieve. It is an ever-evolving industry.

5. Outside of work, what are you most passionate about?

I am a Christian and I am involved in some church activities like singing. I grew up around farmers (my dad and grandpas) and that intensified my love for farming. I appreciate the advancement of agricultural mechanisation and I look forward to utilising and exploring the technological developments. I research the integration of science and engineering and how it can influence farming methods.

I have a knack for planning events, and I am looking into event planning, maybe cross-functional into engineering events planning. I love exploring new ideas, trying new things, and I love exploring the art of cooking.

6. What’s the best thing about working for life sciences customers (pharma, MedTech, etc)?

Listening to the problems and finding digital solutions that can solve the problems. It’s the ever-evolving solutions that we work on and develop for our customers. The solutions enable creativity and innovation, and they are always intriguing.

7. What is the best thing about being on the SL Controls team?

It is a community, and the people are highly intelligent and brilliant. I don’t feel like I am siloed because teamwork is highly encouraged and there is always an open door so I can approach my colleagues. Whenever I have a question, my colleagues are always there to listen and support me with what I might require.

There is also encouragement to be innovative and there is always an avenue to voice your opinion about new ideas.