Infographic: Combined SCADA and MES Platforms Explained

Infographic - Full Stack OT Platforms - Combined SCADA and MES Solutions Explained


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Combined SCADA and MES – Full Stack OT Platforms Explained

Full Stack OT (operational technology) Platforms combine SCADA and MES (manufacturing execution system) functionality into one solution. Here’s an overview:

What is SCADA?

  • Data acquisition
  • Data communication
  • Data presentation
  • Machine control

What is MES?

  • Production order management, scheduling, and resource allocation
  • Document control, track & trace, and quality management
  • Production data collection, processing, and analysis
  • Maintenance and inventory management
  • Reporting and data visualisation

Full Stack OT Plaforms – Combine MES / SCADA Solutions

  • Bridge the gap between IT and OT
  • Eliminate functionality overlaps
  • Enhance audit trail compliance
  • Optimise production analytics
  • Simplify complex processes
  • Retain SCADA functionality
  • Support modern protocols
  • Increase cloud integration
  • Enable full connectivity
  • Improve OEE
  • Reduce costs

Solution Example

Ignition SCADA with MES functionality – to learn more, download our free whitepaper: Full Stack OT Platforms – Why they are needed and selection criteria best practices