Escaping the Office in a Whole New Way in Our Latest Social Event

Escaping The Office In A Whole New Way In Our Latest Social Event

Working remotely and living under lockdown restrictions has made it difficult to arrange social events in the workplace. Like many other companies, we have turned to virtual events here at SL Controls. We call these events Celebrating Wins Together, and the latest one was held at the weekend. It involved escaping the office.



The theme was based on the popular escape rooms concept but adapted for virtual participation. So, we all got comfy on our sofas with our devices to take part. The concept involved being summoned to an office only to find you can’t get out and are being framed for an art heist. The goal was to work in teams to escape the room before the police arrive so you can clear your name.

Shauna Ryan, HR Manager at SL Controls, said: “We had a great turnout at this virtual social event on Friday, plus this one was really different with the escape rooms’ theme. I don’t think any of us could have imagined taking part in events like this 18 months ago, but it was fun and entertaining and full of creativity. It is also great to spend time with colleagues outside the work environment, even if we’re not in the same room together.”

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