Equipment Systems Designer at SL Controls – Advance Your Career with a New Challenge

Equipment Systems Designers are crucial in modern, high-volume manufacturing facilities. They have wide areas of responsibility with the ultimate aims of improving OEE, making production lines more efficient, and increasing productivity.

The solutions Equipment Systems Designers develop also help to reduce waste, enhance management oversight of manufacturing operations, and make it possible for manufacturers to explore new business opportunities.

In other words, an Equipment Systems Designer does much more than helping manufacturing facilities stay competitive in today’s environment. Instead, they equip manufacturers for the future, allowing them to explore new market opportunities and improve the service they deliver to customers.

Here are some examples:

  • Enable manufacturers to explore new market opportunities – eliminating downtime caused by breakdowns, making it possible to operate additional shifts at minimal additional cost, making it possible to move to small batch and even single item production runs, and more
  • Improve the service offered to customers – improving time to market speed, responding faster and more accurately to customer queries and complaints, offering enhanced customisation options, improving supply chain reliability, and more

The Role of Equipment Systems Designers at SL Controls

Equipment Systems Designers hold senior positions at SL Controls. They are technical architects responsible for the design and development of solutions for our customers. They also offer guidance and mentoring to junior resources.

The projects they work on involve the development, commissioning, and support of automation solutions, control systems, and custom software programs.

Equipment Systems Designs also have responsibilities to provide R&D. This includes identifying technical opportunities while also having an input into the technical direction and technologies that our customers, as well as us at SL Controls, adopt and use day-to-day.

Therefore, Equipment Systems Designers need technical skills as well as a degree in Engineering, particularly in automation, electronic, or computer/manufacturing software systems.

Equipment Systems Designers also need engineering experience, including experience of a senior engineer role. In addition, they must be innovative, conscientious, and they need mentoring skills.

Does this sound like a position that would be the right fit for you? As we grow at SL Controls, we have increasing requirements for new Equipment Systems Designers to join our team. Visit our engineering careers page now to find out more about the positions that are available.

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