Enhancing the SL Controls Offering with Ignition and POMS Certification

Enhancing the SL Controls Offering with Ignition and POMS Certification

We have a broad range of capabilities at SL Controls and a philosophy of being technology agnostic. This makes it possible for us to deliver equipment systems integration, automation, and smart manufacturing solutions to a diverse range of clients.

We also have an approach at SL Controls of continuous improvement, both in the skills and capabilities of our employees and what we offer to customers. As a result of this continuous improvement approach, we have achieved certified integration partner status with two powerful platforms designed for the manufacturing sector – Ignition and POMS.

Eamonn McManus, Operations Manager at SL Controls, said: “We have used Ignition and POMS on client projects, and we have been impressed with the capabilities that both platforms offer. They are not as well-known in the industry as the bigger-name platforms, but that doesn’t mean they are any less capable.

“Both Ignition and POMS make it possible to deliver projects that meet the needs of our clients today while also being scalable and adaptable as they continue their transition to the smart factory of the future.”

Cost-Saving Platforms for the Life Sciences and Technology Sectors

Ignition is an industrial platform from US company Inductive Automation. It allows manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and technology industries to manage everything on the factory floor from a single hub. In other words, it facilitates complete systems integration.

It works with any equipment or platform, and it helps to sync up production lines with IT.

POMS, or POMSnet Aquila to give it its full name, is a Manufacturing Execution System designed specifically for the life sciences sector. It delivers world-class features and levels of performance, and it integrates seamlessly with other systems and applications.

Vinnie Boyd, Business Operations Executive at SL Controls, said: “The ability to work across any platform or system remains central to our offering at SL Controls, but becoming Ignition and POMS certified means we can also offer something more. This includes to customers who already use these platforms as well as to clients looking for a new solution.

“Both platforms offer a cost-effective solution as they are both sold in modules, so our clients only need to pay for the elements they need. They are open platforms, too, making data and systems integration possible on a larger and deeper scale.”

SL Controls is a certified POMS integration partner and a Gold Certified partner for Ignition by Inductive Automation.

Eamonn said: “By becoming certified partners, we have committed to getting our people trained on both platforms. This enables us to offer customers best-in-class expertise.

“We are also looking to extend this strategy, achieving certified partner status on other platforms and applications.

“By achieving certified partner status, and providing our team with high-quality training, we can enhance the service we offer to clients.”