SL Controls develops, programs, and validates automation solutions in manufacturing operations. We provide a range of automation and control services and have experience working for clients in a range of industries, particularly highly regulated industries such as Pharmaceutical, Biopharma, and Medical Device manufacturing.

Our solutions transform your operations enabling you to benefit from the opportunities that Industry 4.0 offers. From Factory Automation to Serialisation Solutions to Validation Services, we’ll ensure your systems consistently improve to make your operation more productive.

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Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

  • System Design, Specification, Selection, Integration and Implementation
  • Manufacturing Control Networks
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Optimisation

Systems Integration

  • Bespoke Software Development
  • Production Line Software System Support
  • Technologies – Software Stack
  • Manufacturing Continuous Improvement Software Projects
  • Systems Integration – Why SL Controls
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Smart Factory

  • Digital Manufacturing – Industry 4.0 Solutions & Services
  • Microsoft Cloud Manufacturing Data Analytics
  • Integrated Line Clearance & Batch Execution Systems
  • Microsoft Azure Connectivity and Integration


  • Software Validation
  • Process Validation
  • Equipment Validation
  • Test Method Validation
  • Validation – Why SL Controls
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  • Track & Trace
  • Enterprise Serialisation
  • Authentication Services
  • Serialisation – Why SL Controls

Project Management

  • TOTALproject
  • Areas of Expertise
  • Project Management – Why SL Controls
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Professional Placement

  • Areas of Expertise
  • Professional Placement – Why SL Controls

Smart Manufacturing Consultancy

  • Industry 4.0, Digital Factory, adoption Strategy
  • Equipment Vendor Selection
  • Equipment Systems horizontal and vertical Integration Design
  • IT and Manufacturing OT convergence Design
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Support Desk

  • Support Desk – Why SL Controls

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