SL Controls Engineers Speaking at Northwest's Robotics and Digitalisation Event

SL Controls Speaking at Northwest’s Robotics and Digitalization Event

SL Controls engineers Derek Loughlin and Conor Davey will be speaking at the Northwest’s Robotics & Digitalisation Event this week. The event is open to companies who want to embrace and learn more about implementing digitalization technologies. It will feature experts from the digitalization field, including SL Controls.

The Northwest’s Robotics and Digitalisation Event will take place at the AIM Centre in Sligo on 18 April. AIM is an organization focused on helping businesses take advantage of new technologies that can improve and automate manufacturing processes and enhance supply chain management and reliability. The AIM Centre in Sligo is funded by Enterprise Ireland, the Atlantic Technology University (ATU), Sligo County Council, and Leitrim County Council.

The event on Thursday is being organized by Data2Sustain. Data2Sustain is a European Digital Innovation Hub based in the Northwest of Ireland. It focuses on supporting businesses as they develop and implement digitalization and data innovation strategies and initiatives.

SL Controls engineers Derek Loughlin and Conor Davey will be speaking on the topic of Navigating Digital Transformation. They will focus on how to integrate advanced technologies in manufacturing organizations to foster innovation, streamline operations, make efficiency savings, and improve productivity.

Other topics covered during the event include digital twin technologies for facilities management, the unified namespace ecosystem, and the capabilities of collaborative robots.