Nurturing Engineering Talent to Drive Client Success

The solutions our engineers develop are central to every project we work on at SL Controls. As a result, the quality of our engineering team is important to all our clients. Our professional development, upskilling, and staff retention policies are important to our clients too.

It is not surprising, therefore, that nurturing engineering talent and ensuring everyone on the team achieves their career goals is a priority for SL Controls. Those career goals must be aligned with the needs of the business, of course, but there is another crucial element – career goals can and should vary. After all, not everyone wants to be – or should be – a manager. That’s why we created the Pathways Programme, establishing an environment that includes multiple career paths.

The Pathways Programme helps our employees achieve their career goals by identifying the skills and knowledge they need to progress. We define career progression as acquiring new skills, becoming more autonomous, getting enhanced recognition, and receiving additional compensation.

You can read more about our Pathways Programme on our Careers blog.