ISPE Seminar seeks to address Industry concerns regarding Serialization


The ISPE in conjunction with SL Controls today (4th September 2014) hosted a seminar on the challenges facing the Pharmaceutical Industry from International Serialization Regulations.

The seminar was aimed at exploring the methods and practises to support companies with successful serialization project implementation. Some of the leading serialization specialists in Europe and the U.S. presented at the event.

Shane Loughlin, Chief Technology Officer with SL Controls gave a presentation focusing on the design of an Integration Strategy for Enterprise Serialization.


Shane’s presentation was centred on DiVOM an analytical toolset that can be applied to identify, manage and mitigate the risks involved in implementing a new technology.

Shane’s presentation demonstrated how the DiVOM toolset captures specific data to support the creation of a ‘Project Design Specification’ and selection of the appropriate integration level.

This ensures that companies integrate the most appropriate technology to meet their production requirements.

For more information on the DiVOM process, follow the link below;