Remote Working & Other Employee Benefits at SL Controls

Employee Benefits at SL Controls

It’s not that long ago when salary was the main, if not the only factor, to influence a decision to accept a job offer at another company. Today, there is an increasing focus by employees in all sectors on the full package being offered by prospective employers. This includes salary, of course, but it also includes the wider employee benefits that are part of the role.

Jess Delahunt, Talent Acquisition Consultant at SL Controls, explained that continuously refining and improving our employee benefits package is a high priority for the company. Jess said: “We are acutely aware of the importance of an employee benefits package at SL Controls, so it is something we are constantly thinking about and reviewing.

“From my time working in the recruitment industry, benefits have become far more important, and they are now a far bigger differentiator when a prospective employee is deciding to move jobs or accept a new role. Where previously benefits were added as a small attachment to the overall offer, today they are now a point of competitive difference.

“The typical employee benefit 15 or so years ago would have been a pension. Then healthcare started being offered by many companies in Ireland.

“Fast-forward to today, and the employee benefits package that we currently offer at SL Controls features many more elements. It’s also about the quality of what is being offered, particularly in areas like pensions and health cover.

“As the HR and recruitment team at SL Controls, we continuously work with senior management to ensure the benefits package that we offer is competitive.”

Remote Working

One employee benefit that has been catapulted up the list of priorities recently is remote working.

“Benefits like health cover and pensions are now a given across most companies in Ireland,” said Jess. “Remote working is now the most asked for employee benefit, and it is front and center in the mindset of candidates.

“At SL Controls, we are client-driven in terms of our approach, so we are client-driven in terms of the level of remote working that we can offer. However, we are a major advocate of remote working, so a significant number of our employees have remote or hybrid working arrangements.

“Where remote working is possible, it is something we fully support.”

Continuous Professional Development and Skills-Based Training

Jess also highlighted continuous professional development (CPD) and training as another area where SL Controls stands out from the competition. He said: “In our industry, there is always a need to upskill, so continuous professional development is a huge area for SL Controls. It is a large part of our focus, and we are strong advocates for employee training – we continuously promote CPD and skills-based training to our employees.

“We also believe we go over and above what is standard when it comes to CPD and training, both financially and in terms of time.”

Other Employee Benefits that We Offer

The other main employee benefits that we offer at SL Controls include:

  • Wellness benefits with multiple ongoing initiatives to promote good physical and mental health in the workplace
  • Financial wellness seminars and independent employee one-to-ones with a Financial Advisor
  • Employee Appreciation activities and initiatives
  • Strong ESG focus and employee involvement
  • Generous employee referral scheme
  • Attendance rewards
  • Income protection
  • Additional annual leave based on service

Jess said: “One of the things that is very important to us at SL Controls is that everyone on the team experiences the benefits package that we offer. So, when we add, update, enhance, or improve one of our employee benefits, it applies across the board.

“Generally, our approach to employee benefits is forward-thinking and innovative. This has helped us attract the talented team that we have today.”

To find out more about working at SL Controls and to see the current vacancies that we have available, please visit the recruitment section on our website.