Case Study: Increasing Manufacturing Capacity by 50% and New Product Introduction with A Bespoke Factory Automation Solution

Delivering bespoke Factory Automation solutions is one of the main services we offer at SL Controls. The scope of these projects is wide and varied, depending on the requirements of our clients. One example is a client that wanted to add an auxiliary production line to increase manufacturing capacity in an existing facility.

The scope of this project also included updating some of the manufacturing technologies used on the line and introducing a new product.


The overall objectives of this Factory Automation project where capacity expansion on the production line and new product introduction. The specifics included:

  • Adding five multi-module zones to a 20ppm manufacturing line
  • Introducing a PCB attachment zone
  • Integrating new packaging equipment with the existing pack line
  • Upgrading the packaging process


The SL Controls team successfully introduced the new product to the manufacturing line in addition to increasing capacity overall by 50 percent.

Our solution also resulted in the manufacturing line operating more efficiently with reduced running costs.

We introduced new technologies and platforms too, all of which helped to achieve the above successes. This includes:

  • Flexible parts feeding using robotics and vision systems
  • Precision flex-circuitry placement
  • PCB attach and processing

Furthermore, we helped the client reduce capital expenditure in the project by repurposing surplus equipment from existing lines.

Plus, we completed the project within the agreed timescale of 12 months.

To find out more and to discuss your future projects with our expert team, please get in touch with us at SL Controls today.

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