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TOTALlineTM is a suite of products that improves the performance of your production line. It also reduces costs and risks while giving you better access to higher quality data. TOTALlineTM achieves this by automating systems and processes and enhancing integration.

TOTALlineTM is modularised so can be completely tailored to your manufacturing facility. You only pay for what you need with the ability to quickly scale when required. Find out more about TOTALlineTM today.

The TOTALlineTM suite of products includes:

  • TOTALdata – TOTALdata collects the data you need and presents it in usable and efficient reports to give you a better understanding of your line. Learn more.
  • TOTALbatch – TOTALbatch automates batch changeovers while providing full traceability
    of every batch you produce. Learn more.
  • TOTALsolution – with TOTALsolution you can choose the TOTALdata and TOTALbatch modules you need to improve your plant. Learn more.

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DIVOM SL Controls

SL Controls’ DIVOMTM methodology will deliver equipment system integration and overall performance improvements in your manufacturing facility. Our expert team will use DIVOMTM in five crucial areas of your business:

  • Design
  • Integration
  • Validation
  • Operation
  • Maintenance

With DIVOMTM, you can save up to 30 percent on operating costs by improving OEE, making regulatory compliance processes more efficient, and more. Find out more about DIVOMTM today.

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