SL Controls works across multiple sites with this Irish-based Healthcare Packaging company. We provide equipment systems integration services and have worked closely with this client for more than five years. The challenge with this project was to work across multiple lines and machines creating one or multiple components. The company required the development of multiple Batch Execution, Issue Management, and Traceability solutions on a total of six medical device production and packaging lines at two production facilities.

Project Requirements

Develop A Regulatory Compliance & Systems Support Process With The Ability To:

Interface with one or many pieces of equipment

Be platform neutral to comply with various OEM and vendors needs

Validate to the highest standards as recommended by GAMP

Interface to SPC packages if required

Integrate to the company’s own internal ERP system

Provide Equipment Data Logging services

Provide secure remote access


Outcomes Achieved

SL Controls developed a client-specific solution for each production and packaging line. This solution delivers batch production data to the customer's ERP systems, facilitating logging and compliance controls

The system we developed provides real-time Six Sigma analysis on all production equipment.



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